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D4K3R 10-04-2012 11:50 PM

Electric Problem Still
Ok heres whats been fixed. Replaced starter, alternator, battery, & positive battery harness (that goes from battery to starter and alternator). Now heres the issue, my lights flicker on my dashboard constantly and my low charge light is on all the time. I can turn my radio on and ac and dome lights and nothing dims out. But as soon as i turn on my headlights the glow behind my speedometer and my radio drop completely out there is no light behind anything but you still can read the digits. I took apart my headlight housing yesterday and i noticed the lightbulb pigtail connector that goes into the actual bulb was melted on one side. My third brake light is out as well and has been out since i got it and will address this it should be just a quick bulb change. Also the low charge comes on and after awhile the digits on the speedometer kick out and the radio kicks out and the vehicle starts jerking like its dieing and then coming back to running again. I am getting a new alternator pigtail connector tomorrow and i will install it and see if this fixes the problem also i am going to get a new light housing and light bulb and see if this fixes the problem. If it dont what else could be wrong with this car i just cant figure it out and its killing me i just want this car fixed i just bought it and am paying $400 a month and on top of that im fixing it and i have already paid almost $800 on it. Please any help would be great and i dont know if they are bad but i think im going to go ahead and replace all my negatives.

sleepyboy 10-05-2012 12:07 AM

I'm leaning towards the alternator connector. But being that you say the third brake light is out I'd check that and the wiring. Pull back the rubber wire cover for the wires going into the hatch. Right where they come out of the body and into the hatch door. The insulation on the wires get pulled back or broken from the constant flexing. When the wires start touching each other they can cause all sorts of weird problems that you wouldn't even think could be related to that.

iminhell 10-05-2012 12:11 AM

Ignore the alternator pigtail, it's just fine.

Fix the headlight pigtail first.
The way it sounds the headlight is grounding out. The ground voltage is actually back feeding through the headlight switch, using it's ground, which is being overwhelmed. If left too long a fair many things will suffer severely. So fix this fast and with driving the car as little as possible, and not using the headlights.

sleepyboy 10-05-2012 12:21 AM

Oh and yeah fix that head light pigtail.

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