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sparklyhotdog 10-02-2012 04:26 PM

Electrical Problems 2004 Focus SE?
Recently I was driving with my brights on, and when I switched them off I heard something break (sounded like it happened inside of the steering column) and they stuck on. Fast forward to last week, I went on a long (7 hour) drive with no problems, but when I turned my car on for the return drive, the headlights wouldn't turn on at all. Opened up the hood, turns out the driver's side headlight burnt to a crisp (obviously because of the brights--my fault for not getting them fixed sooner). Waited til the morning to drive during daylight, only to find out that a few other things had gone out as well:

-turn signals
-a/c (it does blow air, but hot air)
-instrument cluster
-rear power windows

Any ideas? Seems like it would be a fuse, but I checked the fuses related to these things and they're all still good. Could it be a short? Can I try to troubleshoot it myself, or should I just take it into a shop?

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.

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