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3ft3ft 09-17-2012 08:25 AM

04 focus make lot of noise when cold
I have a 2004 ZX3 2.3l 5spd. Whne I start the car cold it sounds fine, put in rev. to back out the drive way...fine, Put in 1st gear let out clutch and weird noise, its a rumbling sound in 1,2,3 gears. when it warms up it gets better, but if I get on the gas hard it will do it any time....I know this is hard to figure with out hearing Just woundering if their has been a common problem that somebody can let me know to start looking....Whne I picked it up I took to mechanic and had the plugs, fuel filter, took the intake off and cleaned, good look over while on lift and new tires...Clutch does not seeem to slip, Throw out bearing?

sailor 09-17-2012 10:02 AM

Having a 2.3 5-spd. myself, this description doesn't fit any of the noises I've experienced or heard of as of yet....

A bit of a "squeak" from the clutch on the first couple engagements after it's sat in "corrosive" conditions overnight (wet weather) that I attribute to rusty clutch is the only "odd" noise that's similar I've noticed.

Kinda like the odd noises & response you get on the first couple brake applications when you can SEE that the rotors are a bit rusty from similar conditions.

More description would be helpful in guessing...

As these get older we're sure to see some "new" issues, but many might be similar enough to problems with others to allow a BIT of an "educated" guess....


3ft3ft 09-17-2012 02:02 PM

Thanks for the responce...I did some reading on hear and I am starting to think its a drive axle issue.....sounds like 2 other have heard similar noise and the drive axle not seated propperly was the issue....I am not sure how that can float around...But never had the front apart yet to know how they are put togther.....Its sending a vibration through the car i can feel in the its either clucth or drive axle related as far as I can tell....But I have been wrong before...Going into the shop Friday.

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