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Muso1981 09-16-2012 10:34 AM

Problems with 2006 GHIA TDCI
Hi guys

I'm hoping someone will be able to help. Basically I have a 2006 Focus GHIA TDCI diesel and bought it preowned. Its done a fairly high mileage 140,000 miles. Anyway it seems to be having a few problems, basically the engine feels underpowered it isn't as torquey as a diesel should feel and I'm often finding having to run it in a lower gear than normal, the engine sounds rough and it stalls quite easily if u don't rev it hard enough. One other main issue is that there is a burning oil smell which I get whilst driving, I have to press the circulate internal air button on the dash as a workround.

I've taken the cover off the engine and basically theres are certain parts covered in oil. If you see in this image I have circled areas covered in oil.

In this second image it is there I think the oil is coming out.

In this third image I can see theres what seems to be some kind of plastic, possibly a bodge job done by a mechanic, but I have no idea what it is covering or fixing?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, unfortunately the warranty on the car ran out shortly after having the problems. I don't think theres anything legally I can do is there, I should have checked the engine properly before buying.

Many thanks in advance

Muso1981 09-17-2012 02:33 AM

Any ideas anyone?

whynotthinkwhynot 09-17-2012 08:51 AM

It could be a leaking injector. Are you actually losing oil, or just assuming it's oil? How fast are you losing oil?

Also, I see where someone used vinyl electrical tape to rig up the oil breather- I'd definitely fix that with the proper part, then clean the area as best as I could with rags. If the engine will idle sufficiently, you can pressure wash an engine, but I always do it with it running so that if it cuts off while you're washing- you know where to look. Anyway, get it cleaned up, then you can more easily find if there is another leak. Usually really bad auto problems stem from more than one problem, so fix the obvious stuff first.

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