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Artrocker 09-14-2012 07:31 AM

New Driver. New focus owner , timing belt advice ?
Hello ,
Thankyou for taking the time to read this , I have brought my first car , a ford focus 1.6 zetec 2001 . It has 83,000 miles on the clock very good condition exterior , normal wear and tear inside . The engine sounds so quiet and drives lovely.

Being a first time driver I am eager to learn more about how I service the car . I think the only reason anything will go wrong with it is if I fail the car .

So I been reading lots and noticed that it says about this timing belt needing replacing because if that goes wrong the engine will be damaged .

So onto my main question ? Should I replace the belt ? If I do can it wAit as we just paid out for the car so in a couple of months be better , but don't want to damage the car , are there any symptoms I should keep an eye out for ? Just want to treat her right so she keeps driving so well . MOT had no adversaries on it and is due in feb . I look forward to meeting everyone on here .

Thank you for reading , have a great day.

I love the focus was my car of choice :)

Kind regards


dbenney 09-14-2012 07:49 AM

A few things here. You may want to check with a dealer for confirmation. I would change the timing belt at around 100k. thats when iv always changed mine with NO issues. Also, I was told that the focus Ztec(DOHC...U.S. model anyway) was a non-interference engine, meaning that if the belt brakes the internal components will not hit each other.

just jake 09-14-2012 07:57 AM

the timming belts are very common to break if it dose it will send the valves thought the block (engine f[:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]ed) ford says to replace the belt at 150,000 K in canadain so what ever that is in miles. you would be realy stuiped not to and its not a fun job to do by your self.

Artrocker 09-14-2012 08:58 AM

Thank you for your replies
Hello ,
Thanks for your replies , something to look at getting done just for peace of mind I think , do you think it would be ok until feb when the mot is due ? Not planning on doing more than 5000 miles at very most . Also is the ford zetec 1.6 16v 2001 a non interference engine ? Been reading that it is and then reading its not , anyway never thought I would have ended up in firs focus but after taking lessons in one I feel in love lol . Have a great day.
Kind regards

whimsicalpouch2 09-14-2012 10:42 AM

look at your belts, if they are cracked or ripped or anything, you're going to need to change them out soon, if not you have some time.

belts should be changed out like every 7-8 years anyways,

Artrocker 09-14-2012 01:19 PM

Mmmmm excuse my dumbness but where abouts are they ?
ThZnks for the replies , I am new to cars so not sure where abouts is it ?
Kind regards

zetecDon 09-14-2012 10:44 PM

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The 1.6 Zetec is not an interference motor. But that still doens't mean that damage can't happen from a belt snapping. The idea is to avoid it all together. If you are unsure of the service records for this car you can either drive it until the belt snaps and leaves you stranded in the middle of no where or you can actually take the time to have it changed now so you won't have to worry about it. If you do it yourself it is a simple job that shouldn't take more than a few hours even if you're inexperienced. Invite some friends over(one's that have automotive experience preferably) to help you with the job. Just be sure to offer free pizza and beer. You would be quite shocked as to how well that works actually lol. There are plenty of How-Tos out there and even one on here for the 2.0L Zetec which is similar to the 1.6L. Just print out what you would need to use as a reference guide, get your tools and friends and make a party of it. Also moving this to "General Technical Chat"

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