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Insomniak 09-12-2012 01:48 PM

Ford Focus 2001 - OBD2 / Auto Transmission Question
Hi, I'm based in the UK and my 2001 1.6 Focus Automatic has a serious automatic transmission problem, It feels like the car pulls away in either 2nd or 3rd gear and then doesn't change gear. Due to this the pull away is a bit sluggish and there isn't any kickdown if you floor the accelerator.

I have a cheap OBD2 reader that I got from eBay it does read & connect with the car but doesn't give any codes. The engine management light is NOT on, however I have since discovered that auto focus's have an automatic transmission warning light that is shared with the coolant warning light, this is also not on however I am suspecting the bulb could have been removed as when I do the "bulb test" this doesn't light up but the MIL and most others do!

I am hoping its a transmission solenoid, but wanted to know if there is any software & obd2 connector I can get relatively cheap that can talk to the gearbox / transmission ecu? or is this likely to be a Ford dealer only diagnostic and therefore cost me silly money?

If I can't get it sorted I'll probably have to get it scrapped as simply cannot afford to pay for any repairs by a garage.

Any help would be great.

elsolo 09-12-2012 08:50 PM

You may be able to pull a trouble code with a better OBD reader, it might not be much help knowing the code.

Usually, the auto trans problems are related to the electric solenoids in the valvebody. Solenoids A and B the most common, but there are a few more. The testing involves plugging a diagnostic computer into it and forcing the trans solenoids to change state and such.

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