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bwojdyla 10-22-2004 07:13 AM

ZETEC Engine stumble - SOLVED
So, I've been having the delightful experience of stumbling at idle, as many many Focus owners are blighted with. It finally got to the point where I was annoyed enough to fix it. So i got into my grungies and started rooting around (deep) under the hood. First I took the upper intake off and cleaned the MAF sensor. The back hot wire was very dirty. That made the problem a little better but it didn't go away. So I pulled into the drive and let the car idle. I opened the hood and started blindley poking around the back of the intake manifold, to see if any hoses were loose. As I'm running my fingers over the PCV hose (just as it makes the 90 degree turn into the manifold), my index finger gets sucked into (into) the hose! I pulled it out cause it scared the crap outta me. But when I covered the hole back up the engine started sputtering. AH HA!! The vacuum leak was causing the hose to fold over itself and the engine wasn't getting enough air from either atmosphere or PCV. So, since it's getting late and I don't feel like going down to Ford to pick up a new part at that moment, what do I do? that's right, Duct tape. worked beautifully. My baby purrs like a kitten once again. I'll post pics of both the failure and the fix when I get the new part.

As an aside, any other Auto/Duct tape stories?

pm5019 10-22-2004 08:34 AM

Good find. I have been having some problems like that for about a month now and haven't had time to look around. Thanks for giving me a nother possiability...[thumb]

soffiler 10-22-2004 08:43 AM

I give you huge props for getting in there and DOING SOMETHING. That's where it all begins, not by talking about it here, but by doing it. Very cool.

dremonster 10-22-2004 09:44 PM

Woa man! I think I have the same problem!!!! My 2000 Sedan [confused] has been stumbly when in idle for about a year, It came and went on occasion. So I took it in and had the FDM replaced... It still stumbled!!!! So after I read this thread tonight I went out to my car and followed the PCV hose all the way back to the throttle body/intake and I noticed the car started dying just by lifting the hose. This shouldn't happen should it? So I followed it all the way down to an "L" shaped rubbery hose that connected the the larger hard PVC like hose to a tiny metal pipe on the back of the engine (I belive it's the throttle body). I noticed that the hose had depressions all the way around, like it was pinched all the way around at the bend of the hose going into the metal pipe.. Does this make sense?

Well the hose must have lost it's integrity because it's no longer round... So I barely had to pinch it to make the engine stall... Could this little hose be the source of all my frustrations... It must be constricting just enough airflow to make the engine stutter.. right??
Do you just yank it off? and slip the new one on? There aren't any claps holding it on...

Do you know what the part number is and/or the name of this L shaped hose? I am going to FORD tomorrow!! Oh ya baby..

OK, I better not get too excited...

tunedfocuzx3 10-22-2004 11:57 PM

good luck with that...i need to do the same thing. im lazyy

bwojdyla 10-23-2004 06:23 AM

Sweet jebus. Could my rash decision to get off my a$$ and fix it have just helped people... weird. dremonster, your explaination makes perfect sense. i think that hose must get all floppy after a while. maybe this is the primary source of the mythical stumbling problem!

WagonHO 10-23-2004 07:32 AM

Engine stumble fix
Strong work! Was this a cold-start, idle stumble or just in general?

dremonster 10-23-2004 07:53 AM

Man, I hope this is the problem.. I'm going to Ford today, I'll post later tonight. The hoze just totally breaks down, it should be on a recall!

The stumble is always at idle, hot and cold.. I can't stand it, it's enough to drive you crazy, trust me...

No part #'s?

bwojdyla 10-23-2004 06:20 PM

I disagree. the hose should not be on recall. You can't recall for everything that happens on a car. That's just life. It is a hose and hot gas passes through it. It will deteriorate just like a water hose. It SHOULD be placed on the regularly scheduled maintainence list though, say 80 or 90K miles.

Sorry, not part # yet. I got distracted yesterday and didn't get to it, and service is closed on weekends.

zslaton 10-23-2004 08:27 PM

SE MI sucks like that for dealerships. No service on weekends, nor car sales. And they are only open 1-2 nights per week.

I actually had this problem on my 1988 Escort that I had prior to my Focus. Hoses should be regularly checked though. Thos eflexible hoses go after a while, and like bwojdyla said, look at them at around 75k. They're pretty cheap to replace, especially if you can stay away from a dealership.

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