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Tycoon 10-04-2011 09:33 PM

2002 Focus SE Wagon, No Dome Lights or Power Mirrors
My dome lights and power mirrors are not working on my 2002 Focus SE Wagon. Below is the troubleshooting I have done and any help would really be appreciated.

1. Checked all fuses, including 34,35. I pulled each fuse and tested with an ohmmeter and specifically tested 34,35 including replacing each with known good fuses.

2. Checked the Battery Saving Relay and it tested fine (it energizes and contact closes). To verify I swapped the relay with the one beside it just to make sure it was not the relay.

3. Used a voltmeter to check voltage to and from the fuse. 12V exiting fuse.

4. Placed a jumper across the relay 3 and 5 (Normally Open Contact point) to verify that once again it was not the relay contact.

5. Traced the orange/blue wire to the junction box on the driver side floor panel and opened/removed box. With the box apart from the fuse to the box there is 12V on the orange/blue wire. Once the box is connected the wire exiting the box and running in to the floor board has a voltage on it of 0.4volts. This leads me to believe that there is a bad connector somewhere from there leading to the lights/mirrors.

6. Door switch was tested and does enable the interior "dinging" sound when the keys are in the ignition.

7. I also temporarily ran a jumper from the battery to the orange/blue right on the front dome light and it light up perfectly as well as the rear dome light (wagon) to verify the bulbs and the connection between the 2 dome lights.

8. I also tried this jumper on the black/blue wire (door switch) to the front dome light and although it did light up it was dim.

From what I can tell there seems to be a short or bad connection somewhere after the junction box located on the drivers side and the dome lights. I started to trace the orange/blue wire down the driver side floor panel however do not want to rip apart the entire car to find the issue.

It almost seems like there is a connector that would contain the orange/blue wire and the black/blue wire that is corroded,broken,etc. however that is just speculation. My other option which I don't want to do is go to a wreckers and trace the entire wiring assembly.

From the above information does anyone have any suggestions as it is getting frustrating trying to find this issue. Thanks in advance!

BC_ZX3 10-05-2011 12:48 AM

Look in the left A pillar. Top of the pic is the battery saver relay; bottom is the dome light switch. You possibly have a break at the splice (S173).

adamwood78 11-15-2011 10:13 AM


Did you ever find the problem? I have the same thing goiing on in my 2003 ZX5.

Tycoon 11-16-2011 10:15 AM


Thanks for the reply. I checked a splice block that was located in the engine compartment (A pillar) just up behind some plastic shields in the wheel well area. I am going to check it again this weekend and tear the car apart to locate the problem. I will keep everyone informed as to what I find since it seems to be a common problem.

mikeeshaq 11-16-2011 10:28 AM

Both of these people that claim this problem are in the snow belt [I used to be in Minnesota]
My bet is the joint/wire harness got corroded because is lays down by the door sill. Try to expose the wiring down there

adamwood78 12-08-2011 04:56 PM

Mysterious Electrical Problems
Tycoon and I have been looking onto this problem. I came up with the Central Timer Module being the possible problem. I purchased one from Frod and installed, ( my car did not have one in place so I thought maybe it was taken out by previous owner ) later to find out it had to be programmed. The reason I thought maybe it was the CTM is because I have a number of electrical problems in this car. Here is the list: no intermittent wiper front, no wiper rear, no wiper fluid, no power mirrors, no rear defrost, no interior lights, no chiming when door open and key in. The car has these accessories, they just dont work. Not to mention the car will not hold a charge if let sitting a couple hours.

Any insight would be great. Tycoon, after noticing his car did not a CTM either talked to Ford and they said some cars had it and some didnt. Does anyone know anything about this????

adamwood78 01-09-2012 11:56 AM

I have since replaced the battery and solved the dead battery problem. I replaced the wiper relay and can now get front wipers to park. My current problems are no intermittent wipers, no interior dome lights, no rear wiper, no rear defrost, no power mirrors. I assume these are all linked somehow. Could a corroded battery ground cause these problems? It starts just fine.

Tymes 01-22-2012 10:10 AM

I have this issue as well, and I'm in Canada, I haven't really started looking at the pillar for the problem yet, mostly because I know its a pain, and I have a few other issues I gave more priority to. Maybe I'll bring the car in today and start tearing things up.

compumasta 01-22-2012 10:38 AM

Based on all the items you have already checked, a logical solution would be that a plug connector that runs that set of things has probably come loose either from vibration or maybe heat/cold. Good to know that all those things are likely wired together though.

Hope you get it fixed without too much more trouble!

adamwood78 09-21-2012 07:31 PM

I have finally fixed it.
It was all because of a bad gem. I think it actually has a different name for this year of car. Something like a security control module?? Anyhow, it wasnt grounding the items I had not working so I bought a used one on ebay with the same part number, plugged it in and presto, everything works. Almost a full year to get it figured out.

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