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godschld7777 06-24-2011 10:04 AM

04 Ford Focus ZTS 2.3L auto transmission problems
My son has a 04 Ford Focus ZTS 2.3L with 90000 miles on it that the automatic transmission started going out two days after he bought it. We are trying to figure out for sure if it is something mechanical inside or electronic like a solenoid. The first symptoms were that the vehicle could go into first gear just fine then the RPMs get high so you have to hold back and then it finally switches into what we think is 3rd gear, but then never goes into overdrive. The overdrive off light will sometimes begin flashing.

The code that keeps returning is Shift Solenoid D stuck on. We have changed out the solenoid and even switched some of the solenoids around to see if symptoms changed to other gears and they did not. The car has been driven like this by my son for about 8 months cause no one can afford to fix it right now.

About two months ago the reverse began going out also. Sometimes the reverse works but when it does the entire car shutters. The part that is confusing me is that last night my son called me and said that he needed me to come and pick him up cause his car seemed like it didnít have any power. My husband went with me and I drove my sonís car home and discovered that it now feels like it was not shifting out of 1st and engaging in 3rd gear now. While driving it I decided to try turning the overdrive off and see what happens and when I did it shifted into 3rd again. This is really weird cause it seems like if this problem is mechanical like a gear band, that turning off the overdrive would not have changed the fact that it wouldnít shift out of 1st. I have tried this before with the 1st to 2nd and turning off the overdrive doesnít help that. Sorry this is so long, but if someone can give some advice I would really appreciate it.

woodyg 06-24-2011 10:54 AM

if you don't mind I am going to tag along on this thread. I have a 2002 focus that I just bought. my tranny works it just is a little rough shifting on occassion. I believe we have the same tranny a 4F27E. I plan on changing my filter and then pumping out the rest of the fluid and replacing sounds like you have a good mechanical grasp so excuse me for asking the obvious question..........Did you check the tranny fluid?[wrenchin]

godschld7777 06-24-2011 11:49 AM

When my son bought the car it only had 82000 miles on it. When the transmission started messing up after two days and the service engine light came up with a "Shift Solenoid D stuck on" code we dropped the pan and replaced that solenoid with a new one. We then replaced the gasket and put in new fluid. When that did not fix it, I decided for us to drop the pan again and switch around some of the larger identical solenoids to see if the symptoms changed at all but they did not. Before doing this the fluid level was fine and there was not metal shavings in the pan or anything. I hope I answered your question. Yes his car has the same transmission as yours that was mentioned and they are having a lot of problems out of that transmission from what I have seen.

2004-zts 07-16-2011 12:29 AM

My 2004 ZTS with 2.3l had exactly the same problem. In my case, it was the intermediate band, it was broken.

I took the car back out today to drive and get a better feel for the problem. It all boiled down to the fact I had NO 2nd or 4th (overdrive) gear. The part that could fail and directly cause that is the Intermediate band, it makes 2nd and 4th happen. So I was looking at the service manual and noticed that the intermediate band is the first item inside the trans from the driver side end. So I removed the lower mount and the upper engine mount, lowered the driver side a couple inches and removed the end plate of the trans. The band was cleanly broken about 2 inches in from one end. It slid right out. I put in a new one after soaking it for half an hour in fluid, put the cover back on, bolted everything back up and it drives like a new car. About a $30 part.... I took pictures as I went so I will try post them later.

Jim P

This was my original topic thread below so you can see how I originally explained it:

Left work the other day and the check engine light came on as well as the OD light blinking. Won't shift on its own. P0767 code on the scanner, says stuck solenoid "D". Installed new solenoids, no difference but it now doesn't throw a code at all. Just wont shift......

Replaced the valve body tonight with a new one, no change at all.

The symptoms have remained exactly the same. Wind up in 1st, let off the gas and lets the revs drop down and it does shift, give it gas and all sounds fine. But jump on it and it winds up and freewheels. The OD select makes no change at all and manually shifting from 1st into 2 or 3 has no effect either. Nothing in the pan at all, it's clean. No noises either. So either something is physically broken inside ( broken band welds, busted drum etc. ) or some other sensor ( speed, rpm etc.) is bad?

99K easy miles, but a lot of mile. Had three trans fluid/filter changes during that 99K.

Madmanzack 07-28-2011 06:44 PM

I had the same issue with a 06 fusion... Also when your car goes from 1st to 3rd with no overdrive your transmission is going into "LIMP MODE". but im curios to see what your results are if you get it fixed. hopefully it is just a broken band.

taleesa 02-19-2012 12:11 AM

I am having the same problem with my 2004 Ford Focus transmission. It doesn't always want to go into reverse, and then when it finally does it hits really hard. How exactly do you change the intermediate band?

2003-ZX5 07-04-2012 03:32 PM

Hey, I seem to be having the same issues as you described. Is there any chance you could post pictures of your fix with a brief description? Did you have to remove the transmission completely, or were you able to access the band while under the car? Thanks!


Bluebeeper 06-16-2013 04:24 PM

2004 Ford Focus
I have a 2004 Ford Focus and the 'D' Solenoid was changed, but it still has no 2nd and 4th gear. I was reading your post and it seems that I may need to change the intermediate band on it. I had a hard time finding results for this type of problem. My vehicle is not a ZTS like yours, but reading the problem it seems as that is the solution. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks![twothumbs]

amc49 06-17-2013 12:31 AM

Yes, the band can be changed by simply dropping the driver end of trans and pulling the end cover. The reverse can be fixed that way too, it often wears really bad right there at the journal the reverse and direct clutches ride on. Often the bushings need changing as well as seal rings there. Sometimes the end cover must change too for wear.

Bluebeeper 07-01-2013 02:04 PM

The intermediate band was changed to a brand new one and the 2nd and 4th gear work great, but now I'm having problems with the reverse, it shifts very slowly. I've read in other blogs with same issue that the 2-4 servo needs to be replaced. I called the dealer to ask for the price on the servo and they don't know what it is, a technician said it was the bell body, but that part is very expensive. I checked the price on it already and wow. Can anyone give me suggestions as to what it might be? Thanks

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