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xtremepitbull 02-20-2009 04:33 AM

FORD EDGE WIPER FIX : by XtremePitbull
ok today i did some tinkering with the wiper and motor cause my ford edge wiper doesnt hit the top arc ...

heres the fix

take the hatch plastic off and it will expose the motor

theres 3 screws on the motor ... 1 at the bottom and 2 on top
well its upside down but heres a pic

the 2 that are circled are held on by sheet metal brackets that flex
push gently on these 2 and bend em towards the hatch and then experiment
go little by little

spray the window with water and turn the wiper on ... if it doesnt hit ... then push some more ... mine is PERFECT now ... all the time i spent ... 30 mins tinkering ... pays off ... HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE ....

whynotthinkwhynot 02-20-2009 04:39 AM

Good idea. I've not had that problem, but I'm sure there are others who have.

Waffles ZX3 Kona Sport 02-20-2009 11:19 AM

Glad you got a fix for this! When I actually get an Edge wiper I'll keep this thread in mind! [thumb]

JFocusTN 02-20-2009 02:12 PM

sweet, iwas willing to deal with the crappy coverage for the better looks. now i can have both

xtremepitbull 02-22-2009 12:42 AM

im hoping that this fix works on all the hatches ... the mod looks so much better but i would hate to actually sacrifice the function of the wiper working ... anyone know how to get this like featured so EVERYONE will be sure to see?

pauldw 02-22-2009 01:45 PM

wow thank you i was starting to regret this mod.

Waffles ZX3 Kona Sport 02-22-2009 02:13 PM

Maybe it should be added to the "How-To" archive.

cdpzevzx3 02-22-2009 02:51 PM

i just removed the whole wiper i think it looks much better

JFocusTN 02-22-2009 03:33 PM

did mine today, thanks for the info

xtremepitbull 02-23-2009 09:55 AM

anybody else see this and help them ? i would love for this to be seen alot more than this

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