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OrangeSVTguy 12-19-2008 05:47 PM

HOW-TO: SVT Heated Seat Switch Fix
Well it started getting chilly out and I was only down to one heated seat switch(The passenger side, Gotta keep the Mrs. Happy [;)]) So I just decided to go ahead and fix the one that has been sitting in my drawer for about a year and a half now. Ford already replaced about 5 of these over the years so I got tired of that and figured that I was probably not the only one with this problem. The passenger one you had to slam it hard for it to turn on/off so that was about to kick the bucket anyways.

Well Here's a guide with 2 fixes that will more than likely fix your switch if it's broken. I'll try and include as much details as possible or you can just look at all the pretty pictures that I took for you. Let me know if I didn't describe everything enough to understand?

All Images are clickable to full size of 800x600.

Tools needed:
Needle nose pliers
small flat head screw driver or a razor knife
patience and 20/20 vision

Step #1:
Remove the switch from your car and take the cover off. There are 4 tabs holding it together. I broke a few of mine but you can break them all and just wrap electrical tape around it when you put it back together. Just slide your flat screw driver in them to pop it off. Or you can use your razor knife.

Step #2:
Now you will see a white lever with a metal clip on it. Pull that metal clip off with needle nose pliers. You might notice that it is kinda loose (Pic #3). Tighten it up a little bit with your needle nose pliers to make it a spring again(Pic #4). Now put it back on. Test your switch to see if it works now, if it doesn't then you will need to proceed to step #3.

Step #3:
Warning! This is a more pain-staking fix and the slightest increments will affect the switch to if it will work properly or not. So only proceed if you got great vision or a magnifying glass.
Slide open the white lever and take your needle nose pliers and pop up the switch that's underneath it and pull it out(Pic #2). This piece needs to be perfectly flat(Pic #3). Use your needle nose pliers to flatten it if it's bent.

Step #4:
Installing this piece back in is critical. You have to make sure it goes into the groove in the back as you can see in the picture(Pic #1). Adjusting the tension on the back copper tab with a razor(Pic #3), try clicking the switch to see if that flat copper piece stays open or closed(contacting or not). Push in the copper tab on the back(Pic #3) to create more tension if the switch doesn't keep contact. Or you may have to pry it out just a bit to relieve some of the tension. This may take a while so keep making small adjustments until it works properly. It works properly when pressed in stays in the position of either up or down (off/on).

If anyone has any suggestions/questions, let me know so I can edit this guide.

WD40 12-19-2008 06:00 PM

I need to do this this weekend!
My driver's side switch died about a month ago, and my buns are really missing that heat in this cold weather.

It stuck in the "on" position for me one day, and I had to beat it into submission to get it to shut off.
Now, it only works if I hold it down manually while driving, and in the snow, that's not such a smart idea.

At any rate, I'll definitely take some pics and add to this if need be.

And that's funny you mentioned about keeping the MRS happy...
I went to "switch the switches", and she busted me big time.
Her exact words; "Over my dead body are you using the switch from my side of the car!" [eek]
So, I like being married, and I love my wife, so I've been the one with the cold buns. [:(]

toeycrack 12-19-2008 08:33 PM

WD40, getting some good fighting huh? i beat she won!!

TApe that suckers down, ...... no im kidding cuase its to taky.... but productive!!


good write UP!!!! just need to ge some svt seats now! hehe

svtorange 12-20-2008 05:39 AM

I am getting ready to add a set of EURO seats to my 03 SVT Focus is this switch already in my car?

Do you guys know if it is already wired for the heated seats

svtorange 12-20-2008 05:40 AM


OrangeSVTguy 12-20-2008 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by svtorange (Post 2497640)
I am getting ready to add a set of EURO seats to my 03 SVT Focus is this switch already in my car?

Do you guys know if it is already wired for the heated seats

If your SVT had the winter package, you should already have them. They are on the left and right of the shifter.


Originally Posted by svtorange (Post 2497642)

Thanks man but please edit your post where you quote my entire how-to. When quoting a large post, it's proper forum etiquette to remove any pictures that you're not referring to or just snip out a lot of information if it's a big post that you're not referring to either. Keeps things cleaner that way [;)]Thanks again though and I appreciate your comment.

svtorange 12-20-2008 10:21 AM

No I do not see those switches.

Please do the same and edit you post as well the change was made and noted, thanks

death_bomber 12-20-2008 10:35 AM

someone is kickin around the ban-stick

WD40 01-05-2009 03:22 PM

My butt and lower back are nice and warm again. [thumb]

I had my camera out, along with the macro lens, but I didn't take any pics.
In fact, as good as the write up is, I only needed the thumbnail pics.
(I forgot I printed out the full-size till I was done) Woops!

At any rate, I had to go completely through Step#4 to get my switch working again.
I probably have a bit too much pressure on the switch (adjusting per step 4),
but I like the positive "clink" it makes when switching it on and off again now.

Your write up is very concise and easy to follow.
About the only thing I'd change is to put an arrow pointing to what you're describing in the pics.
For example, Step#4-Pic#1 could use an arrow pointing at the groove.
Fortunately, my magnifying glass easily found what I was looking for. [;)]

Again...thanks Lee!

OrangeSVTguy 01-05-2009 04:03 PM

Yeah I should have, I'm going run those pics through Photoshop now [;)]. Maybe the 800x600 is too small of a pic still? [poke]

Yeah I forgot to mention that when I went back and did this, I had re-do everything and in the process I broke that first spring.... (Hercules?) so I just bent up a paperclip and works 100% again. Glad this helped you out Doug LOL. Now the Moon on Mars can be just a warm as Venus [:)]

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