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SVTF200487 03-16-2008 03:19 PM

Having Fun, Lost Power Steering.
The other day I was in a turn around on a local hwy, it was about 8pm. I was turning around to pull into a store, and while I was in the turnaround a ford pickup pulled in front of me blocking my exit. I leaned out the window and asked him what the deal was, he said I was on the wrong side of the turnaround. Now I work with ems and know several local officers, so I know for a fact that I was in the right lane and I told this guy so. He just leaned back in his truck and waited for me to move. So I sat there for just a min, looking at the traffic coming in the other direction. When it was clear I guned it, spun around his truck spinning tires, and since the road was fairly narrow I pulled the e-brake to get the car to spin around better. It slid around him and then fishtailed back and forth a couple of times. Got straightened out and pulled into the store and realized I didn't have power steering. I thought that maybe I slung the belt off, so I parked the car and looked under the hood. The belt was still there, I also checked the fluid and the lines, all fine, I just figured it might be a glitch then. After i went into the store and came out, I still did not have power steering. At the time I could afford a new pump if needed, so i didn't worry about it too much. The next day I went over to a buddy of mines and the power steering worked fine[werd]. Just wondering If anyone else has had this issue.

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