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Kalos 08-15-2007 07:57 PM

Seat Replacement Questions
I hit something on the roadway and blew the side airbag in the passenger seat. I've bought a replacement seat. Now I need to take the old seat out and put the "new" seat in.

The old seat is held in place by four Torx screws. No problem there. The electrical connector has a hex screw holding the two halves together. No problem to unscrew this connection once you see how it works.

OK the old seat is out...

1) Now I notice the old seat has five "blocks" in the connector: Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Blue. The new seat has only four blocks ! The Blue block is missing. What does this mean ? The new seat was sold to me as having seat heating. It's not obvious where the "Blue"Block wires go.

2) The old seat side airbag was blown. Is the connection still live ? If I connect the two halves together, will the airbag blow ?

3) How much trouble is it to reset the airbag light ? Do I have to take it to the dealer ? Can any mechanic reset the light ? How much will it cost ?

4) Can I save anything from the old seat ? I don't see how to remove the headrest. Is the seat cover removable intact ? Is the seat heater removable intact ? Anything else salvageable ?

aigoro 10-03-2008 05:21 PM

Hi there,

The same thing has just happened to me. A rock/brick of some sort fell off a lorry in front of me. I bought a new seat today (same trim!!!)and will be replacing it tomottow, but am not sure about the connection. Like you, I am a bit worried that if I just connect things, the airbag in the replacement seat may go off.

Any insight, info/help would me much appreciated.

Thank you.

ralmfao 08-14-2009 12:14 PM


Slightly off topic, but do you know the ford code for the seats and how much they are?



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