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Sid03SVT 11-11-2006 03:49 PM

warning! our alternator harness sucks
So my battery light came on today while driving back to my buddies place after taking a miata for a test drive. It came on, and turned off multiple times and i could hear a clicking noise (relay?) behind the gauge cluster, and it wanted to stall if i let it go to idle. Checked the forums found out the common is that the wire between the alternator and the battery comes loose, hapily i returned to my car with trsuty nut-driver and screwdriver only to find that on the three wire harness from the alternator the second wire had snapped right up close to the clip so splicing was out, not good. called a local ford dealer, but i called them at 12:12 and parts dept. had just closed, so i was up the creek. checked every parts store in my area to get the harness and had to settle for some wire, a soldering iron, and my "fix it till its broke" mentality. i trimmed a metri-pack to fit into the second wire slot of the clip and soldered the H-E-double hockey sticks out of it, spliced some wire to the other two wires and spliced that back into the ford harness while kneeling on my engine and reaching behind the intake, because Ford for some reason doesnt believe in having any slack in thier wires. its working for now and ill replace the harness as soon as i can properly (monday) but be on the look out if your vehicle begins showing you a battery light and a clicking noise behind the gauge cluster. i'd post pics but of course it was friggin raining while i did the whole job in the street by my buddies place which is about an hour from mine. Oh by the way if you need a soldering iron do not go to: Radio shack, Best buy, bond auto, napa, or autozone, for some reason they dont carry them. Home Depot does for some reason...

Sid03SVT 11-13-2006 01:10 PM

I called the ford dealership again today, they told me the part i wanted doesnt exist, and they promptly attempted to sell me an entire engine wire harness... i did a little research and found the part number online;when i called them back, they had two of the non-existen parts in stock. the part number is:
and it is a "Wiring pigtail kit" the kit includes connector (plug) about 4" of wire on each spot, some heat shrink tube, some clamps and directions, again i'll post pics as soon as i can

WD40 11-13-2006 01:29 PM

Moved to "Ford Focus Technical Chat"
If you had looked in these forums first, you would have found your very exact same problem,
and part number for the fix. [;)]
Thanks for the info though, and glad you got it fixed.
Seems to be all too common.

Are you running any heavy power drains (audio or other) on the system?

SVTFucus 11-17-2006 02:49 PM

mine's doing the same thing and found the red wire was not connected to the alternator clip. Going to Ford now to pick up the part (1U2Z-14S411-TA) and will hopefully have it running again soon.

gump1114 11-17-2006 02:54 PM

[:D] im on alterntor #9 due to wiring and alterntors it all rewired and have not had a problem since.

btw i have gotten so good at it i can completly swap alternators in less than an hour. lol thats kinda sad.

FortWayneFocus 03-05-2013 07:40 PM

Borg Warner part number PT5751 if you don't want to pay 40 bucks at the dealer.

USARice 03-05-2013 07:53 PM

Just a side note.....don't know whats wrong with your Radio Shack but as someone who ran stores for them for a decade and was in one a week ago to buy some butt connectors (wasn't paying for 50 of them at Wally when I needed 8 to rewire my SAP fogs) they do in fact carry them. In fact we used to carry 10 different ones.

In fact, I still have one from there that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Those are almost impossible to find these days.

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