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PTL5spd 12-14-2012 01:32 PM

Question about "Racing" a 2012 focus SE AT
I have a few questions about driving my 2012 Ford Focus SE with the 6 speed DCT in a "racing" situation. I would like to take my car to a touring car day at the local road course, where I could drive around the track for a bit. I would also like to try an autocross event someday. I am not looking to be competitive or anything like that, I simply want to have fun driving my car without being reckless on public roads.

Here's my question

When driving my car, how should I have my transmission set? I do not have the select-a-shift transmission, rather the standard automatic with hill assist and low gear. For running on the Road Course, I was thinking of either leaving it in drive or turning on the hill assist. From what I know about it the hill assist lets you use the engine to brake, which also keeps the car in a gear so when I get back on the throttle somethings there.

For the autocross, depending on the course set up, I was thinking L (low) mode would be best, but I am kind of afraid to use it in this manner. In theory it would make the transmission do what I want, which is shift into the lowest gear possible, but I'm not sure how this style of transmission handles that kind of shifting. I know that in a standard automatic with a torque converter that doing something like this would most definitely overheat the transmission, but seeing as how my car uses a completely different technology I didn't know if overheating was still an issue.

Like I had mentioned in the beginning, I am just in it to have fun. I didn't buy this car to race, but I would like to experience driving in that manor. I just want to better understand what limits this transmission has so I don't destroy it. Any other tips or advice for autocrossing/driving a track would be appreciated as I have no prior experience.

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