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IHateRice 02-29-2004 08:50 PM

Planning Long Term Mods w/ Forced Induction
I've finally ordered my first mod, a Steeda short throw. Spending money on the car is no problem, I just can't do it all at once. I want to get a supercharger or turbo somewhere down the line with forged internals and a Ford racing head. However I don't know whether or not to get low or high compression pistons, how aggressive of cams, etc to go with the NA build before I do the forced induction job. I do plan on getting exhaust, intake, tires, and a sport chip sometime soon. After that I was planning on getting the ford racing head, cams, cam gears, throttle body, and internals. I know its going to be expensive but after all that I'd be buying most likely the Jackson Racing supercharger. I think the Vortech kit with aftercooler is extremely overpriced. Any reccomendations on what compression ratio and cam specifications I should shoot for to keep NA power before a supercharger?

Seb656 02-29-2004 08:57 PM

I'd get Tom's Kit he has a new one thats only a lil more expensive then the JRSC and will give u anywhere from 180-210 hp if im correct

IHateRice 02-29-2004 09:09 PM

Is that a turbo kit? I'm worried about a turbo because I suspect that the block will only be able to take 8 - 9 pounds of boost max. I vaguely remember reading 18 pounds of boost somewhere for some turbo kit but I may be wrong.

drewzx3 02-29-2004 09:48 PM

that kit is designed for 8-9 pounds of boost.

Axman 02-29-2004 09:58 PM

toms kit could probobly get up there, the expensive one, but you should mod your internals.

Seb656 02-29-2004 10:21 PM

heres the thread

This turbo is for 8-9 pounds of boost just enough to give you some real ummph and it will give you alot more then a JRSC ever would

sexy2002svt 02-29-2004 10:52 PM

yeah, tom knows what he's doing he wouldn't build a turbo kit that would be bad for the car, and if i remember correctly that kit was designed to be more affordable than his other kits and not really made for upgrading

focaltech 03-01-2004 12:47 AM

A turbo focus with 200-210 whp and wtq will run high 13's. Seen it before.

As for long term use, you do not have to build the internals at that power level but it cannot hurt. You won't blow your engine unless the tune is not done properly. Properly tuned the stock internals will last.

Seb656 03-01-2004 01:18 AM

It is true that the cheaper Turbo is not upgradeable but a JRSC even if you got the extra crap you can get for it would never be more powerful then Tom's Turbo

IHateRice 03-01-2004 09:37 PM

I will look into the turbo set up more now that you guys are reccomending it. Would a turbo over a supercharger have any different effect on everyday driving? It will be for a crucial commute so I need the reliability.

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