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Focus Racer S2 08-05-2005 01:20 PM

Jackson Racing Supercharger Questions?
HI guys. Ideas are still being considered by me here about what kind of forced induction would be best for my focus ATX 2.0 Zetec.

So naturally the first opinion most people gave me was to go with the jackson racing supercharger. So I would appreciate if those of you who own and are running the jackson racing supercharger under the hood of your 2.0 Zetec engines would tell me your experiences and opinions about this product. Also what kind of numbers are you running and any other mods done to your engines and trannys.

What Im looking for here is to hear from actual owners who can tell me if their satisfied with the gains and what kind of numbers are you running along with other mods you have done to your engines along with the supercharger to make it run better and improve your numbers. And most importantly if this product is a good buy.

Thanks in advance.

belacyrf 08-05-2005 02:36 PM

Well I dont own one, but I have driven one multiple times.
I think for a budget booster, it's a good buy. Low enough torque that your ATX should be able to handle it without issue. IMO it's the cheapest long term solution for more power and it's very reliable.

But the downside to the JRSC is it's upgradeability. Take a look at what Ray at McNews has done with the big boost, and that's really your "safe" daily driver limit. I mean there might be more power there, but I think it will be at the cost of reliability.

If you truly to plan on replacing the ATX, and your long term goal is "big" power, then dont get the JRSC. It's gonna cost you tons of money to get it where you want to go. I'm not speaking from my own perspective, but from reading countless other threads where guys have found out that the JRSC just costs to much money and work to get up to the high power numbers they want. But for a budget booster who will be happy with lesser power, it's a great choice if that helps.

pio 08-05-2005 02:46 PM

search man..
there are a few members with them

justjeffrey 08-05-2005 04:52 PM

I have a JRSC and I am Stoked with it. I run a Green Drop in filter, stock TB, Focus sport exhaust, stock cat, stock header and wires. It runs excellent now, but i opted to buy the Ford racing BBK anyway on Monday. It just showed up at my desk today. They give you a newfactory Ford Airbox, it is the same one as the Focus SVT so i cant use my Green filter anymore. (by the way, i thought i noticed a better pull with my Green filter vs the K&N i was using) It also comes with new factory Ford Injectors, New MAF which is stuck to the SVT airbox, new anodized blue 3.0 Pulley and a shorter belt so you can still run a safe tension with the Jackson racing tensioner. And paperwork to fill out so you can send in your ECU to Ford. I am going to install it this weekend and send my ECU to Ford for a reflash on Monday. Ill post my results.
I dont know my exact numbers but i am definitely happy with the base JRSC. Check back @ JR because they just had a price drop on their retail prices. You might find they have a better price than what it was a few days ago. They cut out their distributor network and passed the savings on to the end customer. If you call them with questions, ask for Oscar or Steve and just say jeff sent you to them from the Focus fanatics forum. We are all good friends and they will know where to find me.

PM me if you have mo' questions.

finalley 08-07-2005 10:00 AM

Hi Focus Racer. I DID own an 02zx5 ATX w/ a JRSC m45. Had a 65mm TB and Borla as well on it. In the Very beginning, the 1st few times driving it , it seemed like it was a big change in performance, till I got my SVTF. I think it ALMOST could keep up with the SVT till 60/70mph.
It picked up the "off the line performance " but it ran out of breath at 60/70. It was reliable in as far as it always started, and nothing fell off, but keeping the belt tight was a P.I.t.a.
When JR 1st came out it was the only thing {SC} out there, for the money. I sold it and the car after about 6-9 mos, don't remember exactly,and bought another SVTF. I think you will out grow its modest performance gains quickly. Bela's discription of a budget booster is apt.
If I knew then what I now now I would have invested my $3000+ in an alternative choice.

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