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Duffman2686 04-19-2005 09:14 PM

Supercharging the ZX3...go powerworks or procharger, and how to upgrade once install
Hey, I'm looking to supercharge my zx3, and I was wondering if I should chose the powerworks or the pro charger. The pro charger, i hear, has much more upgradability, but what could I do to upgrade it? Note that I have a completely stock motor, I will probably get a focussport exhaust system eventually...but what can I do to get more hp from the supercharger (aside from the exhaust)....note that I have a fully stock motor, no iron-forged rods or anything, so I can't just crank up the boost...what do you guys recommend?

EnigmaZV 04-19-2005 11:40 PM
There's a thread comparing the two. Apparantly though, the powerworks numbers are artificially low, and Focus Fanatic isn't a reliable magazine for dyno information.

That being said, for the procharger kit, you can get a custom tuned chip, race header (kamikaze work best for SC applications because they're the only 2.5" race header available), matching flex and exhaust. Throttle body, intake manifold, huge FMIC, big boost kit, aftermarket MAF. You also might want to look at FI/SC specific cams and cam gears.

The Powerworks list would look very similar, custom tuning, larger FMIC, larger injectors, aftermarket MAF, big boost kit, header/flex/exhaust, 70mm throttle body, and the cams/gears.

ZX3TUNR 04-19-2005 11:54 PM

The procharger doesnt work to good if you have a euro front. Im still trying to figure out how im evere going to get a fmic in there

1turbofocus 04-20-2005 07:15 AM

Hang the front mount under the bumper support is where i put them


Duffman2686 04-20-2005 05:01 PM

well i don't have a euro front so i'm I guess if there's really no differences I should go for the cheaper one?...?

Goat Roper 04-20-2005 05:14 PM

PowerWorks, absolutely no question about it.

belacyrf 04-20-2005 06:00 PM


Originally posted by Duffman2686
well i don't have a euro front so i'm I guess if there's really no differences I should go for the cheaper one?...?
No difference?

You call a delta of 40 ft/lbs of torque at 2500 RPM's no difference? ;)

Duffman2686 04-20-2005 07:33 PM you think i should go with the powerworks? but it's like 1.5k more...argh...and it's designed for 91 octane and the only gas I have round me is 87, 89, and 93, so I'm paying for +2 octane that I don't why powerworks? the better/larger torque curve?

belacyrf 04-20-2005 08:17 PM

Personally, and this is my opinion. I do not like the procharger intercooler location.

And an intercooled Roots blower (while I dont like roots blowers) their biggest enemy is heat. Now you can't help the inefficiencies inherant in a roots blower BUT the fact that it's intercooled helps alot! And remember it's an intercooler sandwich which means the air only travels maybe 3 or 4 inches from blower to manifold while passing through the intercooler. There is no long distance for the air to travel.

Each system allows pulley upgrades.
Each system can have the intercooler upgraded (procharger can be made to work with a front mount). And Powerworks if you just upgrade the heat exchange and possible move it (I dont remember where it's located). You'll get better cooling.

I say go with what you can afford. I used to be very very skeptical about centrifugal chargers because of the lack of low-end torque. But there is something very fun about feeling boost build as RPMs increase. While the fun factor of low end torque can't be understated enough. So both power deliveries have their advantages when it comes to the "fun factor".

I say get what makes you happy. The powerworks is CARB approved if that matters to you and procharger says it will be but it's not as of now, and might never be.

The last thing I will say about the two is given the same "peak" horsepower figures (which these two are kinda close but the Powerworks puts out a bit more power out of the box) the Powerworks will be alot "faster". Because they have alot more torque than the procharger alot earlier. The the powerworks is a faster setup. And that blower whine is just cool ;)

But like I said I love the "feel" of centrifugals. Crappy low end but that feeling a boost builds is quite a rush :D

oh and BTW.. procharger is tune using 91 as well otherwise they couldn't sell it in california.

Good luck.

COSDEVSVT 04-21-2005 08:15 PM

You cannot 'move' or put a larger intercooler into the powerworks kit - the CAC (Charge Air Cooler) is inside the intake manifold and there is no room for a larger CAC brick.

I suppose a larger LTR (Low-Temp Radiator) could be used out in front, but you run the risk of slamming it on every low object in the road.

The powerworks intercooling system can lower charge air temp from 300 deg F to 88 deg F ... about the only thing you could do do get it cooler than that (which isn't really necessary) is to run the CAC supply line thru an ice container of some sort ... but why do that if it isn't necessary?

If you're going from a bone-stock Zetec to a 220HP car you'll have a lot to relearn in driving technique to really use it.

With the powerworks kit, you also get a very robust calibration ... better than OE MPG and driveability and no issues starting/driving in sub-zero/extremely hot weather or at high altitudes. There is some extra potential in the calibration ... you just run the risk of running on the ragged edge (and voiding your warranty).

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