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LittleRedSVT 02-14-2013 09:44 AM

I'm looking at turbocharging my SVT. I know that I'm going to need to upgrade the clutch. Would I have to go Stage 2 to hold ~315 WHP?

focusmaniaczx3 02-14-2013 10:23 AM

you will need a clutch that will hold about 300ft/lbs/tq at the flywheel.

the clutchmasters fx200 MIGHT be enough to hold what you need and it will supposedly last a very long time but i would be wary about it with your application. its only rated at 70% more holding capacity over stock and since 70% more than stock is 289ft/lbs/tq at the flywheel... like i said, i would be wary.

the fx300 SHOULD be enough but the issue is that the more aggressive the clutch you get the harder it will be to drive and the shorter the life of the clutch. it should hold 357fl/lbs/tq at the flywheel. im curious though because im looking at the description on massive's website and it says it will hold up to a 100 shot of nitrous... which would only put the torque at around 270. it says 110% over stock so if im understanding and doing my math right that should be 357... so you see the contradiction there. i would get someone from massive or clutchmasters on the phone and strait up ask them how many foot-pounds of torque those clutches will hold at the flywheel. sometimes i think they make it deliberately confusing with that percentage crap.

i highly recommend obtaining a LSD to put in while you have the tranny out for the clutch otherwise you will likely break the stock differential. you dont wanna do that because it will likely trash your entire tranny if it goes all to pieces. i have pictures of holes in my transmission case almost big enough to put my hand in from when i blew mine up a few years back.

dont recommend spec clutches. ive never liked them and ive rarely heard anything good about them from guys who have run them in a focus.

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