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curtisparker82 01-14-2013 07:03 PM

ebay electric supercharger?
what does everyone think? ebay electric supercharger? 50 bucks supposed to add 10hp and 7ft/lbs better mpg?

JL330 01-14-2013 07:07 PM


sleepyboy 01-14-2013 07:10 PM

Seriously no..

I don't want to sound mean or anything but do a search next time and you easily see that no one and I mean no one recommends getting one of these. This is just like those cheap Ebay "chips" which are worthless.

PSUrivie 01-14-2013 07:59 PM

Yeah man use that 50 bucks torward something legit, like an exhaust or intake.

zetecDon 01-14-2013 10:24 PM

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Tell you what...send me the $50 and I will send you a garden hose that you can use to beat yourself with after wasting money on that electric supercharger.

focusmaniaczx3 01-15-2013 07:26 AM

lol i bought one of those for my first car when i was 18. a hair dryer pumps out more air. if anything that fabulous electric supercharger will be a restriction.

sbc17 01-15-2013 08:10 AM

I heard about these and thought I would check it out. Like everybody else is saying its a waste of money. I read some of the "horror" stories from people installing them. Like fan blades shattering and going thru the intake manifold right into the engine. Do yourself a favor an spend it on something worthwhile. : )


PoonRacing 01-15-2013 09:34 AM

Few year back I got this so call "Electric supercharger" from my buddy (free). spended an afternoon to fab all the pipes to fitted my old Festiva (1.3L) I made a bet to him that thing is rubbish....[thumbd]

and here is the final thought. That thing DON'T GAIN NO POWER, NOTHING...... waste my time but for a good laugh......[drinking]

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