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Extrmefocuszx3 09-25-2012 02:07 PM

JRSC issues
JRSC issues
I recently bought a supercharged 2.0 Zetec Zx3. After a month comeing down the freeway off ramp, I reved the motor down while slowing and the blower stud broke off the snout. I don't know much about about superchargers, and need help of how to rebuild it.

I need to know what parts are need to rebuild the snout and any other parts that might be damaged. And any sizeing and universal parts would be of great help.

Mileage 33,000

2001 ZX3 5spd,Twilight blue,power&premium groups & moonroof,BlackDiamond shorty antenna,Bullitt aluminum fuel door, NOPI cobra hood,WW avenger front bumper,SVT rear bumper,SVT mirrors,APR wing,17" white motegi MR12s, red bfgoodrich scorchers,JRSC,2.6 pulley,FC Race Header,FC thottle body,custom intake,FC short shifter,Eibach Pro kit springs,Pro-M 70mm maf,42lb injectors, custom chip,NX 75 shot wet kit w/ remote opener.

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zetecDon 09-25-2012 02:22 PM

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thenorm 09-25-2012 03:41 PM

this might help a bit is removal of the snout and seeing what parts are inside.
its from the M62 blower, but i think the m45 is almost the same, just smaller.

you will need to get a new snout drive shaft from whoever owns the JRSC these days (magnuson? Moss?) or take the shaft to a machine shop and have them turn you a new one.

Extrmefocuszx3 09-25-2012 04:36 PM

I cant work with my car at my apartment, I'm haveing it stored at my parents.
I found how to insuctions on how to take the JRSC apart. But finding who makes the parts and specifications is difficult. Could I buy a snout rebuild kit that is universal? And I don't know what size blower stud I would need?

Michael_Price1990 09-25-2012 04:54 PM

see you posted this twice. lol not sure which one your watching so ill repost my post from the last one here.

you have a 2001 Focus with only 33,000 miles?!?!? or is that how many miles are on your supercharger? and do you have the BBK or an underdrive pully? and i see you have nos. so if im not mistaken when you really get into it your RPM's probably start moving up pretty well. could be whats putting the after effects on your JRSC. but its hard to understand what your issue is. are you saying the part on the Super charger itself broke a stud? the pully part of the supercharger? it would be best if you could post pictures of the aftermath!

and a universal rebuild kit? no. unfortunately most Superchargers are made for specific cars. there are a few shared between makes with different bolt patterns but not many. for example you have a 2001 ZX3, i have a 2003 SVT. and even though we both have a JRSC. yours is slightly different internally and many other ways as well.

and finding parts for this now days is rather difficult. they stopped making it many years ago. i cant find anyone who still sells this kit new let alone replacement parts. you can try and find out as mentioned above who now owns JRSC (i know there still around) and call them about making you or finding you replacement parts. but your best bet is to take the main super charger off and take it to a machine shop that knows what there doing to make you replacement parts.

Heres Jackson racings site. try emailing or contacting them hopefully they can help you out!

Here's there email and phone
Tel: 714-921-4500

Extrmefocuszx3 09-25-2012 05:49 PM

The motor has 33,000 miles. And the supercharger was put on at 12,000.
The original owner is a ford tec, who used it as a track car/ dragster. He shot 200/300 tanks. I Tried to use it as my daily driver, and the damage as it sits, the drive shaft is sheered at the tip of the nose. And the rest is broken off attached to the 2.6 pully.
It was running at 9 psi before it broke. I saw a guy on focaljet bought a kit and replaced all the snout barrings. Could I do that with a replacement snout drive shaft?
Thanks for all the help.

Extrmefocuszx3 09-25-2012 06:03 PM

The motor itself has 33,000 miles and the supercharger was added at 12,000. The ford tex who owned it used it for drag and track raceing. The drive shaft is sheered off at the end of the snout, the rest is in the 2.6 pully. I don't think it has a BBK either. I read that a guy bought a kit that he fitted and rebuilt the snout barrings and seals. If I could find the snout drive shaft, would it work? Or because I ran stupidly 85 octane gas and it backfired on the way to the gas station. Replace more then just the snout..
Tomorrow morning I'll post pictures if it would help.
Thanks for all the help.

Michael_Price1990 09-25-2012 11:36 PM

Dang. So it has low miles, but they are all track miles. And if he was running nos. I'm sure he was running it a lot. Sounds like an awesome focus! But wear and tear is normal for a tack car. And 40,000 miles is a lot for a track car and your almost there. And you have nos! What's the dyno say your getting at the wheels? Do you know? And pictures will help big time.

And as far as regular or even medium grade gas. Never. It's hard to say if that was the reason for the break (dubtful) but if it's suped up and was ran by a ford tec. It's got a tune most likely. And 9psi means it has aftermarket bigger fuel injectors of some kind. And if it's got boost. It needs more fuel. Which means I would never ever ever ever ever run with out premium gas. Ever. Or you could have way worse problems in your future. Hopefully you never Floored it when you ran regular gas in it.

Extrmefocuszx3 09-26-2012 12:39 AM

All get you all that info tomorrow. It was at the strip running in the low 13s.
The ford racing JRSC instructions said to never use less than 91 or expect motor and blower damage. I bought the car for 4k so it I can fix it the rest of the car runs great. It sat for 7 years. He tec said before I bought it off his friend. It needed a blower rebuild(snout) and fuel pump. I pulled the spark plugs and he said he didnt do any work to the car. After it ran bad after. But I fixed it. The car wasn't fireing correctly. Could that have done something to damage the supercharger? I'll get pictures in the morning.

extremefocuszx3 09-26-2012 04:13 AM

Hi, to clear up a few things about the car, the blower was added at 3,000 miles and its best run was 13.465 @ 104. The mileage is correct, but not all of it was track miles, my dad drove it for quite awhile after his truck was totaled. The car had been sitting since early 2007 when the blower snout bearing had started to fail, so I parked it but soon after I began working overseas so didn't get a chance to fix it. Decided to move from Phoenix to Dallas area so I sold the car to keep from moving it again. It needed the blower rebuild and the fuel pump when I sold it. As far as the fuel, if you ran 85 in you probably cooked something esp if you put it under boost (would make 9.5lbs at 6700 rpm), I always ran 93 octane in it and even higher (100 or 105) on track days. Also, did you put the same kind of plugs back in it? I know I left 3 sets of new plugs in the car, they were motorcraft copper plugs, since the platinums didn't work good with the nitrous. As far as the nitrous it only had about 10 bottles ran threw it. Good luck on getting the parts for it, I haven't looked into anything on it since 2007 but as stated above I know Jackson racing has changed owners (the kit was a Ford racing kit provided by the dealer that I worked for at the time). If you have any other questions about the car let know and I will do my best to answer them.

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