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J0EC00L 07-22-2012 05:14 AM

New Turbo - Little Help Please
My car is 01 Se Zetec.

I just picked up a Top Speed Stage 2 Turbo kit.

I have been doing some research to figure this out.


Do I need a Diablo Mafia? If yes then I was looking at this one and it had a Note

"II. F7324 MAF Interface is used to install the smaller more efficient 2005-2006 MAF sensor on 1996-2004 Ford vehicles. Built in 24" length for MAF relocation, this is a plug and play part. "

Is this what I should get and a new 05 or 06 MAF sensor?

Also, what about a J&S, should I get that as well???

Also, what should I get for a fuel pump. Top Speed says I can just run a stock 04 fuel pump but Turbo Tom said they are nuts and I need to get a return style fuel pump. Can you please point me to where I can buy one?
Thanks for your help


1turbofocus 07-22-2012 09:46 AM

You told me ts said you could do 400HP on the stock pump , I says that cannot be done safely ,

Yes you need the diablo MAFia but for your year of car , there is no need in going to the slot style MAF and added cost , get a 3 inch MAF tube for your MAF and be done with it

No you do not need the J&S


J0EC00L 07-22-2012 09:35 PM

Thanks Tom

Will this work for my oil feed to the turbo?


J0EC00L 07-22-2012 09:38 PM

Or should I go with something like this that feed from the oil pressure sensor

Jgrove998 07-23-2012 09:53 AM

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I wouldn't buy that kind of stuff from eBay. I've watched those fittings shear off with just hand tightening.

You need to find out what oil line size, fittings, drain line size, etc are recommended from the turbo manufacturer and then purchase quality parts. Don't forget the water lines if your turbo uses them.

1turbofocus 07-23-2012 07:53 PM

You need to use the oil hole behind the coil , fitting for there is a 1/8 NPT 90 deg to -3 or -4 oil line what ever size your using

The second link with the line doesnt say what size the line is -3 or -4 ??


mikebontoft 07-23-2012 09:29 PM

watch out for the cheap? bay oil fees lines. may have just been my bad luck but my old one decided to lay across my manifold and that melted like crazy causing me to be stuck on the highway.

1turbofocus 07-23-2012 09:35 PM

Laid accross you Exh manifold ? If so even the highest quality wouldnt of held up to 600+ deg


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