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J-BONE 07-19-2012 01:45 PM

weighing my options
I have a nearly stock (Thundervolt wires, copper plugs, K&N drop in filter) 2002 SVT focus with 83k miles and am debating the idea of getting a turbo kit for it. I have owned it for a little over a year now and im still unsure as to what i want to do with it performance wise. Im at the point where im going to do some of the bread and butter N/A mods, cat-back exhaust, polly inserts for the rear dogbone, Tom's-tune,larger/ported TB. But with possible F/I aspirations for the future i would like to overlap turbo supporting mods where i can such as exhaust. If i do go F/I I would prefer to stay with stock internals but my goal would be the 300hp range.

Magus2727 07-19-2012 03:37 PM

First thing would be to get Toms Turbo/Supergharger Tune. It will cost you more now but will for ever cover any tuning you will ever need from NA, to Nitrous, to Boost. You will never have to pay for a tune again.

Go 3" on the exhaust CAT back.

The Turbo changes so much between the header and the and intake there is not much to to do there. Larger injectors may be needed so if you ever do anything with your fuel rail it will not give you more power but if you ever pull them for some other reason why not change them.

I am not sure if its still true for the SVT but the regular Zetec is only good on stock internals till the 250 HP range... since the SVT has 50 more HP does that mean it can go to 300HP on stock internals? don't know.

Since the turbo manifolds are all basically custom you should be able to also invest in a high flow CAT if your still doing that. that should not change when you go Turbo.

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