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craps 07-13-2012 03:51 PM

what for FI EMS ?
ive built a half dozen turbo kits but never for a ford, what do people use for real tunning? is there any flashing software, preferably freeware? does anyone on here share ecu files? whats the weak points of the focus fuel and ignition systems? i have a 2000 focus dohc zetec 5 spd, after climbing around under it last night it looks like it would be easy to boost

im not looking to do anything crazy just a fun project for my daily beater because spare parts and motors are so cheap for these things and i miss my honda hay days, and my current project is much more complicated and expensive and may not be done this summer at all.. id be ok with a 200-220hp focus assuming the stock internals can handle 10-12psi from a smaller t3 or some junkyard mitsu turbo or who knows

1turbofocus 07-14-2012 12:18 AM

Turboing these cars has been done a lot , your limit is about 240-250HP to the wheels on the stock engine

Tuning is with SCT ( )you can buy a PRP ProRacer Package and do your own tuning or buy a SCT Flasher and my FI Custom tuning and you get FREE tune updates as you do anything further to the car


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