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sutyak 06-04-2012 09:02 AM

sporadic's Turbo Duratec build #2
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Original build from 7/24/2007 is here: sporadic's Turbo Duratec build thread

This second build is going to stretch into 2013 and will be broken down into phases. Since I will be the one tuning it this will greatly simplify the adjustments I have to make.

1) Swap out the IHI/16T hybrid turbo for a GT2871r (Target: June 2012)
This will involve welding in a wastegate flange for an external wastegate, the dump tube, and a few inches of new downpipe. The turbine outlet is a 2.5" v-band flange, which will immediately open to a 3" downpipe. Tune for the 8psi wastegate spring. No boost adjustment yet.

2) Cossie knock-off intake manifold. (Target: July/August 2012)
This involves moving the power steering reservoir and re-routing some lines. I may do a detailed write-up of this if I have time. Adjust tune. May add boost controller and go to 10psi if logs look OK.

3) Built motor (2013)
There are still many variables here to account for. The only part I have in hand at the moment is a set of 88mm 10.1:1 Supertech pistons. These were used in a 2.3 build for a few thousand miles, and started life closer to 10.6:1 and were professionally milled to a lower compression.
The current plan is to use the stock 2.0 head and cams, but that could change.

My original goal was ~400whp, but instead of jumping ahead I think I'm going to shoot for ~300whp and leave some room for future fuel system upgrades for a phase 4. Basically I'll push it until I nearly max out the stock fuel system.
I considered lower compression pistons, but I decided I'd rather run the slightly higher compression to start with and if I want to go lower I'll use a thicker had gasket. If I started with lower compression and wanted to go higher it will cost much more to mill the head vs. buying a thicker head gasket.

This build will not be real-time like my first one (I have 2 kids now), but I will provide photos and write-ups once phases are complete.

NOTE: This is not now nor will ever be a dyno queen. I will post dyno results if I happen to go with a group for a dyno day. Please don't skip around this thread and expect to find a dyno sheet. This isn't that kind of build. I'm far more likely to provide datalog information and 1/4 mile track times than dyno charts.

Parts list (on shelf)
GT2871R turbo (T3, 63ar, 2.5" v-band out)
Tial 38mm wastegate & dump tube piping
T3 Log manifold from build #1
55lb injectors
Cossie knock-off intake manifold

Parts list (Still to purchase. PM me if you have and want to sell.)
2.0 Connecting rods (leaning towards K1)
Rod bearings
Head gasket (can't decide between Fel-Pro or Cometic and also thickness)
Bottom end gasket kit
Top end gasket kit
Torsen LSD
Clutch (Exedy Hyper Single or maybe even the Clutchmasters FX700)
MAFia for 2005+ Ford (had one, went to 3" MAF so I sold it. Now I think I'll need one again)
60lb injectors
Drag wheels + slicks
Boost controller (might go with electronic)
Larger intercooler

Parts credit (I'll had to this for any person/company who cuts me a deal on parts)
- Top Speed for 38mm Tial wastegate ($150 lightly used was a good deal)
- Tantalus for pistons
- koke'sfocus for intake manifold
- afraziaaaa for ARP fasteners and gasket kit


I'm more of a Coke Zero guy, but for some reason there are Pepsi cans around when I take pictures. [confused]

I figure this might help some people if they are considering the GT2871r.
If my calculations are correct my Phase 1 at 8psi will be peak at the intersection of 1.7 Pr and 27.7 lbs/min at 7K RPM. I can't wait to run it at 20+psi/2.7Pr and let it ride that island to 45lbs/min! [strongman] I'm fairly certain that will require a return-style fuel system.
These are just estimates. I'd have to do some data logging to map out real-world results. I might do just that. Mapping the lb/min and RPM from the datalog on the compressor map should be very helpful. I did that with the IHI but didn't post it.

-3AN .035 oil restrictor

Compressor outlet adapter. These are surprisingly expensive at $40 from ATP Turbo.

Jgrove998 06-04-2012 03:20 PM

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Can't wait to see the progress! [thumb]

ZXthrizzle05 06-04-2012 04:00 PM

progress man !

SaleenT121 06-04-2012 05:29 PM

That's one cute bolt-on you got there lol!

sutyak 06-04-2012 08:05 PM

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Originally Posted by SaleenT121 (Post 4198313)
That's one cute bolt-on you got there lol!

Lol. Thanks man! My daughter saw me taking the photo and I asked her if she wanted her picture taken too. She emphatically said yes!

Gettysburg150 06-06-2012 03:30 PM

Just read your other build post, cant wait to see this one! Rep given [thumb]

sutyak 06-06-2012 03:34 PM

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Originally Posted by Gettysburg150 (Post 4201706)
Just read your other build post, cant wait to see this one! Rep given [thumb]

Thanks! [thumb]
I think I just need one more fitting for the water lines and I'm good to go. I might start the turbo swap early next week.
It's been so long since I did any proper data logging and tuning that I need to validate my previous stuff before moving forward.
For my own personal reference I think I'll include more tuning related information in this thread.

Gettysburg150 06-06-2012 03:55 PM

I would love to see some tuning info, I'm a bit of a data junkie

sutyak 06-19-2012 10:04 PM

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I started installing the GT2871r today. The fit isn't as perfect as I thought, but it does fit. The turbine housing angle is a bit different than the IHI I built the manifold for and the result is a rather large gap between the block and the turbo. The new turbo is positioned up about 1" and out 1", putting the compressor housing almost against the coolant lines.
I did break one of the plastic coolant T's on removal so I'll be hitting Napa for another one. (PN 660-1593)

I'm still debating whether to dump the wastegate or pipe it back into the exhaust. I'll probably run it dumped at first.

I also broke off one of the nipples on the evaporator for probably the 4th time. I'm getting tired of gluing it back on. [facepalm]

- Remove old turbo
- Mock up new turbo and determine necessary modifications to piping

To do:
- Modify downpipe for 3" V-band
- Modify hot site pipe (eliminates a 90* bend)
- Modify ambient pipe
- Route coolant lines
- Mock up wastegate
- Weld in wastegate and route dump
- Datalog and tune

The gap. It's unnecessary but hey I'm not going to hack up my manifold if I don't have to.

IHI RHB52/16T hybrid vs. GT2871r

The new beast:

And one more for fun:

sutyak 06-23-2012 09:23 PM

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Downpipe is complete and I also replaced the horrible compression style clamps with 3" v-band clamps. Next up is the wastegate, which I decided to route back into the exhaust. I'm going to mount the wastegate on the underside of the manifold (since there is room), that way all pipes will be nice and short.

Old downpipe for the Tbird IHI compared to the new downpipe for the GT2871r:


Old leaky junk vs. v-band

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