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focusontheD 03-22-2012 05:42 PM

High exhaust gas temps?
Let me start by describing my rig and I really don't mean to boast or brag. I just want to give you guys the most information I can.
I have a 2003 SVT Focus with a freshly ceramic coated, equal length tubular turbo manifold, a turbonetics T3 super 60 ball bearing turbo with a brand new water cooled center housing.

I had my turbo recently rebuilt by turbonetics and after their inspection of my turbo the said that they found heavy oil coking on the turbine on the turbine side of the center housing. I figure, but do not know, that there could be a few reasons for this....

1. improper oil drain position. Turbonetics recommends that the drain is less than 15 degrees off from being perfectly vertical.
2. higher than reasonable EGT's. This car runs hot! After 30 mins of city driving 15 minutes of highway driving, and 3-4 good WOT pulls last night in 60 degree weather, the hood above the manifold was untouchable for even a second.

I decided to have turbonetics install provisions for a water cooled center housing. Hopefully this will keep oil from coking in the turbo.

I also had the manifold ceramic coated and the downpipe ceramic coated and titanium wrapped.

I hoped to have these measures make my turbo setup more bullet proof and resistant to heat, corrosion, etc.

If I have high EGT's
1. How could I find out for sure. preferrably without welding a bung on my manifold.
2. What could I do to fix it both on the tuning side and under hood heat management.
3. Would high EGT's cause my J and S safe guard to go off?

Any ideas, thoughts, solutions, or comments will be appreciated.
what could I do to fix it.

inis 03-22-2012 06:53 PM

high egt's are caused by timing. Have someone review your tune to make sure its not way off, also its best to take a light gun to your car and see whats going on with it as well.

Caking of oil is a different issue, compression check time.

focusontheD 03-22-2012 07:37 PM

What do you think caused the oil coking?

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