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admin 04-17-2007 11:24 AM

Official Ford Focus Turbo / Supercharger Kit Feedback
We're interested in hearing about your turbo or supercharger kit, please take a moment and post your feedback.

If there is a kit missing, feel free and let us know.

Please use only the format below, any other post format will be deleted.


Kit Name: My Turbo Kit
Cost Rating 1-10: 9
Support Rating 1-10: 8
Quality Rating 1-10: 8
Price: $3500.00 (Optional)
Comments: Excellent kit for the money.


Kit Name:
Cost Rating 1-10:
Support Rating 1-10:
Quality Rating 1-10:

b16sir1991 04-17-2007 11:31 AM

Kit: Procharger
Cost rating:8,
Support rating:10
Quality rating:8
These kits are very efficient and put out great power for the money. Being a dealer, I can also say that their support staff does a wonderful job at listening and correcting anything that we have had issues with. I posted because I used to run one myself and loved the power delivery. Link for pics:

Rudel 04-17-2007 11:40 AM

Kit Name: C-2 Procharger
Cost Rating 1-10: 8
Support Rating 1-10: 10
Quality Rating 1-10: N/A

Comments: Just tideous to change out pulleys and belts when necessary. Other than that, it have great pick up, out of turns, and straigh-aways.

I will also agree on the support staff, I called several times, to get some parts. However, they do have a tech or 2 that don't know what they are doing as Tom found out [:D]

xArmyFocusx 04-17-2007 11:40 AM

Kit Name: ATI ProCharger "tuner" kit
Cost Rating 1-10: 8
Support Rating 1-10: 9
Quality Rating 1-10: 9

Overall the kit was expensive, being that it was $3200 out of the box, not including injectors and tuning and the MAFia, but it allowed for me to make the kit my own, in a sense.

Customer support from ProCharger has been very good and they are very nice. As far as getting support from local tuners, sometimes an authorized ProCharger dealer/installer isn't right around the corner, so that's my only complaint on that.

As for quality, everything has good asthetics. Some of the piping didn't fit right, so we had to use some piping from my AEM CAI, but that worked out better because that piping is blue, so it looks nice and adds a "stealth" factor. So far I've done some long distance driving, racing and daily driving and all the parts are holding up quite well. I've even scraped the intercooler and piping a few times, but they are holding firm and still working.

Only big problem I've had so far is my tensioner pulley went out very soon after the kit went on and ripped my accessory belt to shreds. And as it stands right now, I'm getting a very loud squeaking sound from that general area, so I'm afraid it's about to go out again. I

Pintozx3 04-17-2007 11:42 AM

Kit Name: Powerworks
Cost Rating: Compared to what else was out there I would say a 9
Support Rating 1-10:Big thanks to PW 10 all the way
Quality Rating 1-10: 10 so far
Price: $$$$ Got a deal/steal though Massive speed systems
Comments: So far so good

I have a Powerworks kit now. Going the motor built and a MSS BBK installed on the blower. I should have it back by the end of the month.

It should be noted that I had a Vortech (8PSI Non I/C) kit before.

More to follow in a few weeks I hope

tiresmoker 04-17-2007 03:49 PM

Kit Name: Focus Sport Stage 2 Turbo (duratec)
Cost Rating 1-10: 9
Support Rating 1-10: 10
Quality Rating 1-10: 10
Price: $4500 after upgrades
Comments: Beautiful kit and puts out excellent power. Probibly one of the best designed kits I have seen. The instructions (even though I really didn't use them that much lol) were very precise and to the point. The parts were quality pieces and worth every penny I paid for the kit. Excellent customer support too! I can't say enough good words about this kit. Honestly there isn't a thing I would change with this kit, aside from throwing in an O2 extension with the kit, it is perfect. It is a little pricey, but considering what I've paid for other things it is worth every single penny spent.


Kit Name: Vortech Aftercooled Supercharger (zetec)
Cost Rating 1-10: 7
Support Rating 1-10: 6
Quality Rating 1-10: 7
Price: $3900
Comments: It is a nice kit and put out good power. Installation is definately not for the easily discouraged or the non-mechanically inclined. The instructions are to the point but I did notice mistakes in them when doing the install. A battery relocation to the trunk should have been included in the kit rather then installing it behind the bumper. The air to water to air aftercooler is a very nice setup, although they could have went with a slightly larger heat exchanger for the bumper. Tapping a fuse for the water pump was also kind of cheesy, but that was easily fixed. All in all it is a good kit with good power. For the cost of the kit you should not have to make any modifications to make it more user friendly. With a few minor modifications though it could be a much better kit.

SpeedOften 04-17-2007 07:14 PM

Kit Name: Procharger 8psi kit
Cost Rating 1-10: 9
Support Rating 1-10:7
Quality Rating 1-10: 8
Comments: Had the wrong intake tube in the kit when it arrived but Mike (b16) was able to deal with it and do the install... ATI recommended 42's for the 8psi kit but you actually need bigger injectors. The upgradability and customization of this kit is excellent.

03OrangeSVT 04-17-2007 07:19 PM

Kit Name: My Bastard "custom" Turbo Kit
Cost Rating 1-10: 10
Support Rating 1-10: 10 ( I got friends that're smart)
Quality Rating 1-10: 10 (lots of custom stuff)
Comments: Constantly evolving into a more power kit

It feels like..... like being parked in the middle of the highway and getting rear ended by a semi running 100mph [burnout]

Bigfonsz 04-19-2007 12:23 PM

Kit Name: Procharger 8lb pulley kit
Cost Rating 1-10: 10
Support Rating 1-10:8
Quality Rating 1-10: 10
Comments: Procharger because of cost. You will need a few more things to make the system work well with you car. Other then that it a great set up and I'm very happy with it. Now I just need 300+hp [burnout]

jr_psychologist 04-23-2007 04:03 PM

Kit Name: Xios Motorworks SVT kit
Cost Rating 1-10: 10
Support Rating 1-10: 10
Quality Rating 1-10: 10
Price: $4500.00 list, I got a break as a beta tester
Comments: Fantastic kit with great hardware, software, and support for both. Part of me wishes I had gone with my original plan and done the Torsen/Quaife and exhaust before going FI. However, getting an even better deal on the kit as a beta tester made that an easy decision.

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