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gthang 08-04-2005 10:15 AM

Focus Zetec and Duratec ECU chips...
My co-worker has a 2004 2.3 Focus sedan and one day, asked me if I knew of any way to disable the speed limiter. I told him that the only way I knew how was to get a chip. But while searching for chips, I realized I was searching for Zetec ECU chips and not Duratec ECU chips. Because the two engines are entirely different, I felt that I should be looking for Duratec chips.

I would like to get a chip myself, but DiabloSport and Superchips (which are or were the only chips I knew of) no longer mention Ford Focus in their websites' product application lists. So i am afraid that they have discontinued their respective Focus Zetec Chips. As for the Duratec chips, neither Diablo nor Superchips mentions anything for this engine, and I don't know of any other companies that have a chip application for this application.

Does anyone know of any companies currently marketing a Duratec and/or Zetec chip that is still on the market?

Lil PZEV 08-04-2005 01:36 PM

Try FocusSport, NewEdge, or Ray @ about the Zetec chips, I haven't recalled hearing anything about them being discontinued?

As for Duratecs, there are no chips, and never will be. There's no slot on the ECU for a chip, so to do things that chips would accomplish, you need a "flasher" to reprogram the ECU with different tunes and settings.

microtonal 08-04-2005 02:07 PM

Well, since Superchips came out with the SCT, they may have discountied those type of chips but the SCT is basically a Superchip that has a custom program by an SCT dealer/vendor instead of having tunes come from Superchips themselves.

Not sure about the Diablesport chips but I had the Diablosport Delta chip for my Zetec and it didn't remove the speed limiter even thought on the ECU code list it said that it should. It was a hit/miss with those chips.

Check out this chip review. Click here

As far as the Duratec, you need to get the ECU flashed. No service port for a chip like the Zetecs.

Nitrozx3 08-04-2005 02:14 PM

I had the same problem with my diablosport chip, they sent me four of them before they got it right, first it did nothing, then i had no gauges, then the car didnt run, finally they got me the right one I wouldnt go through them.

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