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ALL_MOTOR_ZETEC 12-03-2003 03:07 AM

Most of you might of noticed that I will be starting a car project and well I am. The project is called, "Project ALL-MOTOR". What I will be doing, is taking my 2000 sedan SE and turning it into an all-motor car well keeping it street driveable. I have emailed Walter Marcy at marcymotorsport with some questions concerning some products on the site, he replied to me with answers but also said he would help me out with this project if I would like some help, I said "yes". This is my first car project but with the help from marcymotorsport and the garage I go to, things should be good. I'm hoping to start the Project after christmas which isn't far away as we all know. Here are some mods that will be included in the project to give you an idea, I won't be posting alot of the engine mods because I'd like to go over more stuff with Walter first.

-Ford Racing head

-JE racing pistons (10.5:1)

-Crower billet rods

-Crower camshafts (unsure of what stage I want)

-Focus-Central cam gears

-Signature series sportsman clutch system
(Billet Steel Flywheel and Pressure Plate Combination with organic disc, handles up to 250hp)

-4.06:1 Final drive gear swap

-Quaife Differential

-Focus Central race header

-Focus Central flex pipe

-M.I.L. eliminator

-H&R coil overs

-H&R sway bars

-Carbon fiber hood

-EBC turbo groove brake rotors

-EBC green stuff brake pads

-Solid motor mount kit

-ASA AR1 17x7 wheels

That's most of the mods I will be getting for my car, there are other mods but I have to talk with Walter more.

mofocus 12-03-2003 04:23 AM

id go Torsen, but thats me

ALL_MOTOR_ZETEC 12-03-2003 05:05 AM

Yea, well everyone has there opinions. I want to go with quaiffe and Walter said that's what I really should go with.

ALL_MOTOR_ZETEC 12-03-2003 01:48 PM

Aight, I am adding a new product to this list. It is the Pectel T2 ECU. It retails for $1,849.00 at marcy motorsports ,I will also be getting the plug and play kit which retails for $149.00. Yes, that does sound like alot of money but this project isn't gonna be cheap. For more information on the T2 ECU please go here Information on the T2 ECU

>>Mofo, why would you go with the Torsen instead of quaife?

eggyolk 12-03-2003 02:06 PM

Wow bro, that's going to be so much fun for you

Money is fun to play with and I need more of it for sure

TORQUERULES 12-03-2003 02:37 PM

Intake manifold, and Bigger cams from Crower or Cat. I love Comp stuff, but those are too mild for what you want, and they need to be split duration and lift (depending on how the head was ported, the Zetec really favors more on the intake side). Especially in the lift area to avoid clearencing the head. Don't be afraid, it just involves very little grinding.

Oh yea, big MAF & 30lb injectors (good for up to 200whp [SVT fOCUS has 'em that size]), plus a custom chip

ALL_MOTOR_ZETEC 12-03-2003 05:40 PM

eggyolk>> Yea, you bet!! I am gonna have a blast with this project!! The thing is, other focus owners mod their car for fun or for a weekend thing. With me, it's different because I'm gonna be really focused on this project, it will be fun too but it will be a project for me.

zx3matt>> I know that the focus can get alot of it's power from the intake manifold, I'm just not sure what kind of intake manifold I'm gonna go with, most likely it will be the Ford Racing one. The thing with the MAF is this....(read the part in bold)

Features & Benefits of the Pectel plug and play kit

* Pectel unit assumes 100% control of fuel and ignition parameters including rev limits
* Stock ECU remains connected to allow normal dash & auxiliary functions
* Eliminates stock mass air flow meter and uses MAP or TPS inputs
* Ability to control voltage regulated pump on Focus returnless fuel system
* Can be switched back to stock ECU control in 5 minutes (following initial installation of 2 hrs)
* PC serial link for real time calibration changes & data downloads
* User configurable Data Logging on all engine channels
* Diagnostic / errors window for engine sensor inputs
* Digital dash display interface capability built in
* Barometric pressure and battery voltage sensors fitted internally

and instead of comp cams, I'll be getting custom camshafts so they are matched to the performance I want. I'll have to go over with Walter on that though.

mofocus 12-03-2003 11:26 PM

the Torsen is stronger, its whats on the FR200 [^]

ALL_MOTOR_ZETEC 12-03-2003 11:48 PM

hmmm, well I'm still gonna go with the quaife one.

mofocus 12-04-2003 01:57 AM

why so set on the Quaife? they cost the same....

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