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SPIinDisguise 10-29-2013 07:37 PM

Over The Hill
So driving the other day my 2002 Focus Se did what it should have done about 7 or so years ago. Break 50,000 miles! My question to y'all is, is there anything i should do to it, maintenance, parts, anything. Im not a genius when it comes to this. i do wash it about every week and wax 3 times a year. Thanks in advance.

waraya 10-29-2013 07:49 PM

I don't see anything in the service table for 50,000. At 30k it says air filter and fuel filter.
Cabin filter at 45,000
Spark Plugs says 100,000 and timing belt says 120,000

CotyM 10-29-2013 08:42 PM

Check the timing belt... It says 120k yeah, but it's 11 years old, so I'd at least inspect it to make sure the rubber hasn't begun to degrade, test coolant if you havn't already, wouldn't hurt, brake and power stearing fluid could be checked if you don't do that regularly...

Still not to the hill yet, your just starting to clime it [:p]

waraya 10-29-2013 08:49 PM

^^^^^ agree!!!

SPIinDisguise 10-29-2013 08:52 PM

Well when i bought it, it had 24,000 miles or so on it. I haven't changed air filter or fuel filter. I will look into that though. I do my own oil changes, everything stays full and up to par, i keep mid grade gas in it as well. I am hoping because it is the SPI motor that I get rid of it by 80,000 miles or so, the whole valve drop scares me, do any of you have an opinion on whether i should fix it before it happens or sell it before it happens? Ha I passed the kiddy hill then.

SPIinDisguise 10-29-2013 08:55 PM

I thought you wanted to change the timing belt around 90,000 or so??

waraya 10-29-2013 09:01 PM

I would fix it. You can never tell when that valve seat is going to drop.

FreeFocus--- per alldata it is 120K for SPI and DOHC

SPIinDisguise 10-30-2013 09:13 AM

I guess what Im saying/asking is, would i be better off to fix it or get rid of it and buy a newer car, one that isn't 11 years old? I have been looking for the focus hatch around an 07. Something with a reliable motor

CotyM 10-30-2013 10:02 AM

Well other than the dropped valve seat issue the SPI is one of the most reliable motors... fixing the drop seat is not a costly thing and will keep that motor ticking forever.

As far as age goes, age does more damage up in the rust/snow belt due to cold weather because it if very tough on the wire and plastic parts going from less then 32 degrees back up to 150... On top of that because we have to deal with ice, we put salt on the road, salt alters the tempiture that water freezes so that it is much less likely to freeze to the road. The down side is that salt eats paint and corrodes(rusts) metal. So cars up here have a rough life if people don't care for them... Of course a well cleaned and heated garage kept car will have a better life, and can defenently extend the life of a car up here...

I think the real question is, wheater you want a new car or not... And do you feel safe with what you have now...

SlickWilly 10-30-2013 11:06 AM

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Depends all on you. My Dad and I went back and forth about me replacing my 94 Z28 for the longest time. We agreed that when the Camaro cost more to maintain than a new car payment I would get a new car. Basically allowing me to get every bit of use out of the car. If you like the second gens I would step into them. From my opinions I think they ride a little better and shift quite a bit smoother (AUTO).

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