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a1awind 03-16-2013 08:16 AM

im getting all nostalgic! (focus story)
so I was looking through my photos and found a pic of my 1st focus the day i picked it up!
it was july 2002 and I was 22 and had just moved in with my dad in Florida. He ran Ford of Pompano beach so the pic was taken at his dealership.
I bought the focus because the frame had broken on my 1993 jeep wrangler about 2 mo before back in Pa. I spec'd this zx3 out the way i wanted it...(if im making payments on a car for 4 years..i am getting it the way i want damnit!) and it was every option except sunroof (which i later regretted not getting) and automatic (which i never regret not a manual kinda guy).
my dad was friends with the owner of Steeda Motorsports so unbeknownst to me it got shipped over there for a little tune up before delivery. (steeda exhaust, tune, shiftknob, seatbelt pads) I was going to college full time so a car payment, working, and was a struggle (im sure a lot of you know the drill). But i managed to clock 95,000 miles on that zx3 inside 3 years. back and forth from Pittsburgh to Boca raton and back to see my family and Girlfriend (later..and currently, wife) and boca raton to tallahassee to visit my dad (he moved up there to run "All American Ford" after i moved into my apt on campus.). That Egg yolk Hatchback owed me nothing...

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