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FFTeam 01-30-2013 06:01 PM

W Motors Lykan Hypersport 12

Supercars are a common sight in some parts of the Middle East, but until now, that region of the world has gone without an exotic of its own. Enter the Lykan Hypersport, an ultra-exclusive ride from Dubai-based startup W Motors. The upcoming car is said to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds and offer Lamborghini-rivaling style for $3.4 million, according to WardsAuto.

The Lykan Hypersport is the brainchild of Lebanese entrepreneur and designer Ralph Debbas, who began thinking up the supercar when he was an automotive design student. The wild, angular seven-figure exotic will be officially revealed to the public at the Qatar auto show, where W Motors will display a full-scale model made of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials, and built with help from specialty coachbuilder Magna Steyr Torino. The model currently lacks an interior and drivetrain, but will be powered by a midship flat-six engine from RUF, the company famous for custom Porsches. That engine is said to produce 750 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque, which could be enough to make the Lykan Hypersport’s claimed 242-mph top speed plausible. W Motors’ Performance estimates are based on computer simulations, as a running prototype has yet to be tested.

macdiesel 01-30-2013 07:06 PM

This might be steep upgrade for focus owners.

warneej 01-30-2013 09:05 PM

Another startup supercar concept that will never happen..

thehubster 01-31-2013 08:26 PM

^^^^^ very true. They will make this car and never sell enough of them to develop another vehicle. haha

WiscoGTI 02-01-2013 05:01 AM

Well then.. if that ain't just a pretty little thing.

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FLYLOW 02-01-2013 07:32 AM

Hopefully forza will have it someday... Thats about it

rambleon84 02-01-2013 07:39 AM


Originally Posted by thehubster (Post 4567129)
^^^^^ very true. They will make this car and never sell enough of them to develop another vehicle. haha

Well from what i read yesterday they were only planning on making seven of these hypersports. I guess if there are only 7 examples this may make these super exclusive, suppose that helps the urber wealthy feel better about their purchase.

Wonder if they will let the Top Gear boys give it a test drive, would really like to hear Clarkson's thoughts on it [hihi]
"Other notable features include a world first diamond-encrusted LED lights, gold-stitched leather and what the company describes as a Virtual Holographic Display for the instrument panel. "
It also comes with a special eddition Cyrus Klepcys $200k watch lol

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