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chefster 01-22-2013 12:28 PM

Going to North American Auto show Thursday
I will report back. Anything in particular
I should check out?[popcorn]

cbdallas 01-22-2013 12:43 PM

Get a picture of yourself standing in front of the Shelby ST with a big thumbs-down. LOL

Buickboy 01-22-2013 01:22 PM

fiesta ST

chefster 01-24-2013 08:39 PM

Okay my one mans opinion on NAAS
Shellby was an after thought at the had to seek it out downstairs.
They basically parked a line up of Shelby shop cars in a basement like atmosphere. I had to ask people at Ford where the Shelby Focus was,some didn't t know where it was. So I have to say I believe this it is strictly an after market toy...not something off the line at Ford....good thing too.
I love the new Ford Focus St...the Euro Rs ( which I had the opportunity to drive..wicked fast), and my old SVT. Which brings me back to the Shelby Focus.
I'm not gonna call it a joke, but I doubt Ol man Shelby would have givin it his blessings. We don't even need to talk about the Taxi paint job or fake carbon, the hood vents said it all. We are talking about some furnace register like vents that don't even sit flush with the hood, and apon further inspection they are nonoperational...what were they thinking? They should be embarrased.
The Mustangs were beautiful. 632 horses in the new top pony.
The model A was cool....and rugged.
The front end on the Atlas truck is a work of macho art.
I always loved the Viper, still do.
I found Mercedes stuffy and a bit boring, except for was cool.
Toyota, no.
Vw, just wasn't interested.
Checked out Hyundai, they are still trying, ope ope. Gangham style.
BMW was nice as usual, would have loved to see an m3 hot rod there completely tuned .
Liked Chyrslers new matte colors. Some cool off road stuff there.
Now for the exalted Vette stingray. I have to say I am not happy with all the Vettes through the years..there have been some ugly ones...just to clarify I haven't drank that cool aid. The new Vette is cool, is there something we all would change? Of course....but what I really really liked was the tail lights.They had this depth to them, like you were looking into someone's eye deep into their brain...very cool.
That's it for now.

katiekay 01-24-2013 09:14 PM

Well, you forgot pics:) Nice to know your opinion on what you have said, basically the same way I feel about these cars as well. Now where are the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

mjd4277 01-24-2013 09:17 PM

Pics or it didn't

pacosarae 01-25-2013 07:08 AM

The Mustangs were beautiful. 632 horses in the new top pony.

pacosarae 01-25-2013 07:08 AM

i feel about these cars as well. Now where are the pics

chefster 01-25-2013 08:05 AM

sorry bout the no pics. I do not wear a watch , don't carry a camera,haven't worn my wedding ring in 20 years, had two trak phones in the last year, first one was lost when i stood up to take a piss out of a canoe and i felll in the lake, the second one was destroyed in my roll over accident. Never got another , I hate when my wife calls me when I am hitting an entrance ramp at 90....its just not worth it. I understand the need for the phone/cameras if you use them to advance yourself, but for me its an extra bill I don't need at the end of the month.
The hottest babe by far was the Amazon babe at the Viper Display, she wasn't one of those skinny models. No, this chick had presence, like an olympic athlete.Very Hot. i do wish I had a pic of her to share...there were plenty of cameras aimed at her.

katiekay 01-25-2013 09:04 AM

Well then, this thread was pointless...

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