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FlyS2 09-07-2004 09:52 AM

Dealing With Dealerships....Enjoy!!!
So to make a long story short.
Last year I was in a small accident with my 2001 S2 on the front driver side.
Essentially some jerk clipped the front end left fender, rim, and took off part of the front bumper....mostly cosmetic.

Last week I posted the pictures of my car in the gallery and my new friend here "S2" pointed out I was missing my front lip spoiler.

I always knew something was wrong but I was pretty happy when my focus was returned to me like I guess I never noticed.

So about a year or more after the accident I had to call the dealership and tell them they missed replacing this part.

After calling the dealership initially I was told after a long call that the part was the right part and that when he looked on his computer the actual part was discontinued but replaced with the part on my car.

What I was talking about was the small grey lip spoiler that attaches to the botton of your front bumper...he thought i was looking for a whole new bumper.

He was like if you want that you need to order an aftermarket kit.

So I told him I would do some research and call him back.

Here is my first email:


As per our conversation this morning.
The part in question is definately MISSING from my car!!!

Here is the description of the 2001 Focus S2:

Ford's 2K1 S2 Edition Focus (2500 Built) in Liquid Grey (where that color originated). S2 package came with European Tunes Suspension, Graphite Grey Front Lip Spoiler and Side Skirts, Rear Roof Spoiler, Color-matched Side Mouldings, 16" Aluminum Rims, S2 Body Side Badging, Chrome Exhaust Tip, 6-Disc In-Dash CD Player, Unique Sport Bucket Seats and Door Trim, Silver-faced Guages and Red Needles. The S2 came in three colors, Liquid Grey, CD Silver and Sangria Red

The bumper on now is a nice replacement but not the bumper which matches the rest of the moulding and the bumper I paid for with the S2 Group package for $995.00.
I'm sure if your parts guys look further than the storage room or basic ZX3 catalogues but they will need to notice the S2 edition had many parts not included with the basic focus.
Most replacement parts were visual.

The front bumper should have a grey moulding along the bottom that matches the side moulding.
Before the accident it was there and after it was not.

I have had many people ask me why I have two side mouldings like that on my just doesnt seem right without the matching front moulding.
It should not be a question of "we dont have this part" but how we can find where one it located to have it replaced.

I paid $xx,xxx for my car....and recently dropped $xx,xxx cash to pay it off in full....thats alot of Money!!!
This is not a question of me trying to get something for free....I am simply looking for the correct part for my car.
I will attach some more photos and a site which sells 2001 S2 parts.

Hopefully we can find who manufactured this part or who still has this part in stock.
It was sold by Ford so Ford must know where to get it.

Any information you can find would be greatly appreciated.

So I get this phone call from the guy not too long after and he is still telling me I am wrong.
He wants me to send him photos of an s2 with this part.

So while this is happening a buddy of mine gets on MSN from WIIOnline (An awsome war game I might add!! Plug Well this friend is siting in a Ford dealership!!!
His dad owns Star Ford in Oklahoma.

I ask him if he can help and after 5 minutes he comes back with the part number and the $500+

So here is my reply this time to the sales manager (A lifelong friend)

Hey Chris,

I just spoke with Al and he is telling me the part is discontinued.
He was saying the part number was transferred to the plain bumper fater
summer 2001 for replacements.

I can't see how this can not be replaced. Oh well.
I was hoping there might be andan SVT moulding or anohter matching moulding
available from ford for the focus.
It was quite expensive for that kit and I would like some kind of

I was able to locate a part number on my own:
| M51F001B02A |

Not sure what you can do to help but any suggestions would be greatly

This time my buddy forwards it to the service manager and replies to me as well:

Hi Marc,

I will speak to Alain and Mike on your behalf, I know what you are talking
about in terms if the "front chin spoiler", your car was a very limited
production car, that being said, not many people are aware of what you
talking about, but I am !!


Than this followed not too long afterwards:


Alain Fortin is looking into this with the part number you supplied.


Finally after a bunch of running around I get the email I have been hoping for from this guy Alain who originally told me it was discontinued.

Hi Marc , thank you for the information on the web for your part. Steve our parts manager managed
to find a part number from ford and it appears they have this part still in stock. I took the liberty of calling
your insurance company to see what could be done and an adjuster called Katherine is looking into
the matter right now for us. I will let you know as soon as i find out anything.

thank you Marc.

Being the nice guy that I am I replied with a big Thank You....knowing in my head no matter what these guys were geting this part for me whether insurance said yes or not.

So I get into work this morning and find this last email in my inbox:

Hi Marc , good news your insurance just called me and authorized the new valence they looked
up the digital photo's they took at the time of the accident and say the valence lying beside your
car. I will order your part and call you as soon as it comes in so we can install it for you.

thanks again

So there you have it.
Dealing with dealerships is not the best way to go sometimes.
Even though they are supposed to be ford specialits really there just every day mechanics like everyone else.

So if your ever in the same position...better do your own research.


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