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R00ST650 09-09-2009 02:22 AM

Need to get on track for maintenance. Coolant flush by myself or acid flush at dealership? Fuel filter, cabin filter PS fluid etc questions
Alright so my 03 SVT is at 65k and my dads 01 SE 2.0 zetec is at 85k.

I have Wayne (hypnotics) tune for my 03 from a LONG time ago. My car has started surging @ 2k sometimes and it seems to be weather dependent. I have an ORP and burned out both o2 sensors. I replaced both with OE motorcraft's and they only lasted about 5k miles and BOTH burned out again (slow reading I think is the CEL on both) . The surging @ 2k im sure is due to the o2 sensors BUT I ended up not touching them to see how my mileage would turn out. I am getting higher MPG now than I was before! So I am almost reluctant to change out the o2 sensors again as crazy as that sounds.I do still have my stock cat but really like the sound of the ORP. Any opinions on this? I feel its a waste to slap new o2 sensors on if im keeping the ORP.

My dads focus is developing a bit of a rough idle so im hoping doing everything on this list to both cars will solve our problems.

Both have had the coolant changed but that was at around 35-40k so they could both use it.

1) My question is...Should I get a proper Acid flush (at a local place where they actually use the acid they run through the cooling system to clean out the crud) OR should I just do the old fashioned Drain, Run water through system and refill?

2) Both are on stock fuel filters which I know are in desperate need of replacing. I was planning on seafoaming before the new filters go in. Any problems with this?

3) I plan to clean my panel K&N filter and replace my dads paper element and put new copper plugs on the SVT( What should I gap them at? I cant remember for the life of me what I gapped my current coppers at) and the replacements on my dads zetec after the seafoaming.

Should I clean my Maf? I have had a K&N type filter on for quite some time and am now wondering how much filter oil is on the maf. Can I just toss it in a plastic bag with some rubbing alcohol?

4) I know both cars could use a new cabin filter. Where are these located on the cars? Never replaced one before so not sure.

5) Should I replace the PS fluid on both? I am sure with the mileage the fluid looks like chocolate milk by now.

6) How about Tranny fluid? My dad has the A/T zetec so he would probably just get motorcraft fluid. I was thinking some RP Synchromax for the SVT? This is easy enough to change so im sure I will just do it while doing everything else. How hard is the tranny fluid change on an automatic zetec? Just as easy as the getgrag?

Anything im forgetting? Any tips to make life easier while doing the above jobs?

I got "super busy" with college and "stuff" and ended up really lacking on car maintenance. Figure now is as good as any time to get back on track!

Thanks in advance

bluefront 09-09-2009 04:54 AM

A lot of questions for a single post......

1. I'd run some radiator cleaner through there for a few hours, flush it with water, and add the anti-freeze. Save you a few bucks...

2. The time to change fuel filters is right after running some fuel system cleaner through the gas. I use BG44K about once a year......

3. Plug gap.....around .050. Doesn't seem to be critical. I use copper NGKs.... Don't clean the MAFS like that. Get some spray cleaner designed for sensors. Auto Zone sells it.

4. The cabin filter is under the passenger side cowl. Not all cars came with one however.....but the housing is there.

5. Most fluids need to be changed when they start to look dark. P/S fluid should look clear/red.

6. Automatic trans fluid should also look clear/red, and not smell burned. That's not an easy change on these cars. It's silly to put anything other than stock fluids in these cars, unless you're racing. You'll gain nothing except bragging rights.

I always recommend a through cleaning of the engine/transmission as a maintenance procedure. You'll be able to see/find problems easier......

Good luck with all that.....

Robotaz 09-09-2009 08:28 AM

^^^I would add to bluefront's #2 comment, that you should run some Heet through it to get all the water out, then add the fuel cleaner. most fuel cleaner will remove water, but Heet is really good at just that one task so I always add it. I have a friend who sells used cars, lots of them, in AZ and he had a Honda that was missing and says he's going to have his mechanics probably rebuild it if he can't figure out what's wrong. I drove it 100 ft and told him to put Heet in it. Problem solved. True story. Temp and pressure changes, as well as contamination, will cause water to build up in places, mostly in the filter, and bubble up, inhibiting flow.

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