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Seb656 07-03-2004 01:37 PM

Went to a Tuner gathering then got to ride in a Supra during a street race
My friends Evan and Robbie had told me to come out to with them to see street races and all the tuner cars so I said sure might as well. We got out to where it was at and there were tons of cars. I had also called up 2 of the focus guys to come out (Jayjordan and essveetee). At first we were all just hanging out talking checking out the different cars. Jay left right before the best part of the night.

A stock Supra decided he was gonna run a tricked out Mustang. So we all got in our cars to ride down to a road to race. It was pretty funny cause I looked around me when we were on the road headed to the street for the race and it was all tuner cars. We got to the spot for the race everyone parks in this parking lot and the Supra guy decides hes gonna go check out the road. I ask him mind if I ride?? I've never riden in a Supra before. So he says sure. I ride with him while he scopes out the road to see what it looks like. I tell him to just drop me back off at the parking lot but he says nah man why don't you just stay while I race. Of course I said ok. The road they raced down was a 2 lane road with a median in the middle. The Supra pulled up onto the inner lane on the right side of the street and the Mustang pulled onto the inner lane on the left side of the street(they made sure no cars were coming down so that the Mustang wouldn't head on colide with anyone). Suddenly this souped up del soul decides hes gonna tag a long on the outer lane next to the Supra. They all take off and the Supra gets a bad launch but beats the Del soul right off the line the mustang had the Supra off the line but the Supra's Turbo's kicked in and he caught up and ended up winning. After the finish line the Supra guy that Im riding with hits the brakes. Next thing I see is the Del Soul slam into the carb fly out infront of the Supra (which im riding in) then straight over to the other side of the street (there just happened by some chance of luck not to be a median there). I later found out there was a pot hole which caused him to lose control. The guy ended up hitting 3 curbs and somehow he managed not to do anything but scrap up his rims it could have been a whole lot worse.If the Supra hadn't have hit his breaks when he did we could have T-boned the Del Soul or even worse the Del Soul could have T-Boned us right in the passanger side door (where I was at). Over all it was a pretty crazy night and a pretty crazy race and I got to see it first hand from the Supra =).

dwdgsi03 07-03-2004 01:40 PM

if worse did come to worse, i'd rather be in the supra than the del sol. :) glad no one got hurt.

viney266 07-03-2004 02:50 PM

I have to say, now you know why you should NOT ride along as a passenger during a race in a uncontrolled street environment... And when the freak in the del sol pulled up they should have called it off..and How " suped up" was the stang??? It got beat by a stock supra????? I am glad you are okay and had fun, but learn to be careful, what you did wasn't smart..

Seb656 07-03-2004 04:27 PM

I don't even remember what the guy did to the stang but it was an old 5.0
I agree riding along is not safe and wasn't the smartest idea but I couldn't turn down first hand experiencing racing in a Supra

Code415 07-03-2004 04:37 PM

Ok...I know exactly where you raced at......however.....

Racing and riding in Houston is pretty stupid. You should have asked the guy to drop you off and not been any part of it.

KaptainKorn 07-03-2004 05:05 PM


Zarelli6 07-03-2004 05:10 PM


Originally posted by KaptainKorn
lol seriously. didnt seem to be the most intelligent idea ive ever heard, but i cant say i wouldnt have said yes either.

03Z_ex_Three 07-04-2004 01:52 AM

Gotta live some time. Don't be scared to die.

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