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alexbring 05-10-2008 08:59 PM

my focus to do list...
so i have had my focus for a while and i've finally decided for sure that I am going to keep it for a long time. This is due to just finishing college and still making payments on the car. But thats besides the point.

I've finally decided to start making some easy mods to it.

For starters I want to spend a day doing some engine cleaning and then I would like to paint the valve cover and some of the other engine components, such as the air filter cover, washer fluid cover, and other parts.

after that I'd like to paint the rear brake drums. the only problem there is that they are really rusted, to the point where the brake people had to use a hammer to get them apart to check the internal parts. so i'll need a good way to get rid of the rust.

then i'll start looking to get the Focus Sport Exhaust system. I won't be getting the stealth option because, well, I want my focus to be heard.

and then of course the air intake will come after that, probably also from focus sport.

so from this, do you guys think that would be a good start?

i would also like to hear some suggestions on colors for the painting jobs. I am driving a liquid gray 2004 focus, with the 2.0 zetec engine.

any suggestions? any advice?

streetfocus 05-10-2008 09:35 PM

black looks good against the liquid grey, but it's more subtle. If you want flare, maybe red or orange? If you're going with an intake (good idea) choose from the colors available and stick with a theme. This is what I did (all blue parts).

alexbring 05-10-2008 10:11 PM

blue was my original idea, though i don't know how well that would look against the grey. i think i may go with black, red, or possibly green.

though i am quite partial to blue, and it is a common color for performance parts (wires, intake, blah, blah)

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