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Megamanx907 09-30-2003 05:27 PM

Focus Fanatics
Yo any one here read the new Focus Fanatics Mag yet???????? Its friggin great, I got it at the supermarket 2 days ago. Tom, the owner of Focus Power, is featured in it w/ his friggin 11 second Focus!!!!!!!! Its called the "beast"!!!! Then there is a focus called NV, cause people are so envious of it. The mag is friggin great yo. Finally they made one. Its about time if you ask me, I was sick of looking at all hte auto mags and seeing import mags and mustang 5.0 and so on, but never having anything on the car I care about most!!!!!!! This one is for the fall and according to the cover it will be available till Nov 25th. They got alot products and what not in there too!!!!!! Plus they tell you all kinda installation stuff and have a whole how-to section. Best part is its called "Focus Fanatic" I wonder if its related to the website??????? Oh well, its kick ass, my wife already hates my passion for my car and now that I can read about it non-stop, she is even crazier!!!!!! God she gets on my nerves some times!!!!!!![:(]

oakleywsw 09-30-2003 05:39 PM

hey how much was it? do u know where online i can get it?

Solaris 09-30-2003 06:00 PM

no he is low 12's he thinks once he gets the auto tranny he'll be in the 11's. Not only that it's a daily drive car.

Megamanx907 09-30-2003 06:39 PM

Solaris, his car is an 11 second car, he said it was proven at 12 somthing but that was before the nitro and w/ only 390 something whp, now he has over 440whp and nitro, its an 11 second car, and w/ the auto tranny he is talking about puttin in, its gonna be a low 11 second car.
Oakley, the mag costs 3.99, I dont know where online you can get it though, I saw it in the super market, you should be able to get it there, or I am sure you can get it at barnes n Nobles or some place like that. My fav focus one is the NV one though it looks similar to mine, well the color and interior are similar, but its just so dope lookin w/ the silver side skirts. Man I love that ride!!!!!!!

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