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NewToFocus Guy 03-20-2007 03:00 AM

Advice on rally car build
Hello Focus Fanatics!~

I've came across Ford Focus while I was looking to replace my '95 Buick Regal sedan. I have a pretty ok job and have saved up 3k, and I wanted to be part of the rapidly growing car/tuner/motorsport culture. At first, I thought Ford Focus was a nice affordable commuter car, then I was visited by eye-popping pictures of WRC Ford Focus in google image search. I've always been a HUGE fan of the rally motorsport, and was a fan of both WRX STi and Evo (until I started seeing them everywhere-I live in Irvine, CA).

Growing up in America where motorsport = cars who simulate morning traffic in fastforward (nascar) and in California with Initial-D posers who thinks slapping on a body kit + decal means you can drift up and down some obscure mountain roads, I'm severely deprived of factual knowledges about cars. After searching through some topics and reading around, the FF community felt very friendly and knowledgeable. I hope to ask for gentle guidance.

I'm very attracted to the Ford Focus because of rave reviews on its fantastic handling, the fact that it competes in the WRC, and how great the WRC Ford Foci looks.
- What would be the car to pursue purchase if I was to build a machine that would mimic the performance of WRC Focus? I've read that Foci with Zetec engines perform well, which recent zx3 models have, from previous post I found while searching for Focus buying tips. I've also read on the same thread that 2.3 Duratec also performs well. I'm having hard time trying to understand how these engines differ.
- I've read from another post that there are body kits of WRC Focus and aftermarket modifications that would allow a production Focus to perform just about as well as WRC Focus (most likely the poster meant relatively/realistically, but not exactly as the WRC). Where can I read more information about the above?
- I see that Ford Focus zx3 comes in S, SE, SES trim levels. Does it refer to Focus' body type?

When I watch some of the POV (point of view) of rally cars in action, it makes my bunghole tighten up in elated tension as if I was looking straight down over the safety rails of 100 story building. The speeds at which these drivers and car travel the gravel/mud/snow/concrete/dirt is incredibly amazing. I would like to have a similar experience as the rally drivers I see.
- What are other production cars available in U.S. that are good start out with participating in local rally events?
- Where can I go about finding and participating in the local rally events? (I don't even know what local rally events look like, I only remember seeing on some car oriented TV program showing a local rally club that runs through a course marked with orange road cones on mud, once.)

I know within these forums exists answers to all my queries, but I wanted personally converse with the FF community that I admire :D

Thank you for reading my post.

ozan 03-20-2007 05:58 AM

[welcome] to FF!

for rally i would recommend you to buy a used rally car, not only its cheaper but also it should be homologated previously... take a closer look into the motorsport world and decide what kind of rally suits you much as budget and fun... talk to rally guys learn the budget of a rally etc.. u may also search for sponsors for at least tyre, oil, gas...

focus handles very good but wrc is completely different not only the engine but also the shell...

bacarl 03-20-2007 06:53 AM

Also, from your description of that rally event it sounds like a "Rally Cross" - similar to autocross but run on dirt instead of parking lots, with cones to mark out a course. Try Googling or searching for local RallyX events to talk to some novice drivers first hand.

The S, SE etc refers to the trim level of the Focus. Basically, more letters = more options. A dealer would be able to explain everything. Any Focus through 2007 MY is available in 3- or 5-door hatchback, sedan, or station wagon. Current models have a 2.0L Duratec engine exclusively, except for a sportier sedan called the ST trim level that has a 2.3L Duratec (sourced from Mazda). Some 2.3L Duratecs can be found in 2003-2004 MY hatchbacks; most pre-2005 Foci employ the 2.0L Zetec. The SVT Focus built between 2002-2004 has a very nicely factory-modified 2.0L Zetec.

Hopefully that helps and answers some questions... After writing all that I can see it gets a little confusing! You can see that the forums here are seperated into Zetec and Duratec performance boards so you can explore potential of the two engines. There's also a board specifically for SVTs as well as a Racing board - look into that one for rally/rallyX info and events.

Have fun and Welcome!

An afterthought: FocusSport, a popular source for Focus aftermarket, makes a turbo charger for Duratec applications (capable of producing 260+ whp in a D23). There are also one or two offerings for turbo charging a Zetec in development by various fab shops/tuners, and multiple superchargers are available for Zetec (ProCharger and JacksonRacing are examples). This could make a potent racecar for a low price. However as previously mentioned I've also always heard that a used rally car is the best option to use to get into the sport. I would guess that high-power FWD would require a great deal of skill to rally race competitively.

ozan 03-20-2007 07:45 AM

r u again chasing me bacarl? [rofl]

bacarl 03-20-2007 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by ozan (Post 1494496)
r u again chasing me bacarl? [rofl]

Haha!! I didn't see that it was you with your new avatar pic thingie. You must be interested in all the same threads as me cus as soon as you post and bump it to the top I see it and I'm like ooh, what's this... [:)]

Sorry NewToFocus, that probably just confused you a bit... [:p]

ozan 03-20-2007 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by bacarl (Post 1494507)
Haha!! I didn't see that it was you with your new avatar pic thingie. You must be interested in all the same threads as me cus as soon as you post and bump it to the top I see it and I'm like ooh, what's this... [:)]

Sorry NewToFocus, that probably just confused you a bit... [:p]

LOL i changed my avatar to stop you chasing me [rofl] J/K

yes u r right about the interested threads...

BTW sorry for offtopic post...

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