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Chick 04-01-2006 12:13 AM

**Vote for April ROTM**
Here are the nominee's:

John Michael


v6focus' ZX5



VOTING ENDS APRIL 11TH! (1:13 AM Eastern Standard Time)

Oni 04-01-2006 01:16 AM

Whoo hoo! I hope JohnMichael gets a good backing this time. It'd make an awesome wedding gift. [;)]

Klondike 04-01-2006 01:27 AM

my spidey senses are a tingly, and ithink JM may get it this time around, SPIDERMAN< SPIDERMAN, BEATING UP THUGS AND TAKING THEIR WALLEETS, ITS SPIDER MAN TIME YAY!!!

Klondike 04-01-2006 01:28 AM


Klondike 04-01-2006 01:28 AM

haaha opps forgot to say tie, lol ima still drooling

t_bone_c34 04-01-2006 01:33 AM

May the best man (JohnMichael) win... And no thats not subliminal messaging [:D]

Klondike 04-01-2006 01:35 AM

only spiderman could pull of a triple threesome, and maybe superman, maybe.....

Chick 04-01-2006 01:36 AM

I voted for the blown ZX5[:D]

t_bone_c34 04-01-2006 01:36 AM


thats no fun, vote right!

t_bone_c34 04-01-2006 01:37 AM

YA 800 posts! For sheezy my neezies! lol

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