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Chick 02-20-2008 01:33 AM

**Nominations for March ROTM-I'M A RACER**
This month we are taking nominations for:


If you race your Focus (NOTE: STREET RACING DOES NOT COUNT) then this month you can be nominated. Please post up pictures of you & your ride in action so you can be eligible!

Like always you can nominate yourself but make sure you post a picture up of your car with your nomination.

Please state if you are nominating a member with 'I am nominating ______' and please don't post in here multiple times the member you have already nominated. It makes it hard to try to keep track on how many nominations that person gets.

Remember 50 posts required



zx505focus 02-20-2008 02:57 AM

lets try this again, i have a 2005 Ford Focus ZX5.
focus sport cold air intake
focus sport front stress bar
svt suspension
groundwire kit
dvd flip screen
12 in mtx sub with a sony 1000watt amp
svt ac face plate
aluminum fuel door
black headlights
black tail lights
black side marker
17in O.Z Tribe Evo rims
muti-color leds under body lights
Billet Grill
bodypaint side mirrors
shorty antenna
mazda 3 rear wiper
silverstars headlight bulb
silverstar turn signers
Please vote for me.

focusedaddiction 02-20-2008 06:28 PM

Oh well, I'll give it a shot since I love to race my focus..[woot]
07 SCCA street mod. champ. & 5th overall in my region...montana region 105

Mods: currently in the middle of a turbo build.....2 months to first race, I better get moving ! lol

#IHI RHB52w turbo from a 87 turbocoupe
top mount intercooler sealed to WRX hood scoop with a 7" derale puller fan on bottem of IC for trafffic
#log style turbo mani.
#2.5" IC piping
#3" down pipe
#diablosport "maf"ia
#60lb. seimens deka inj.
#SCT prorace package & Xcal2.. with a base ( starter) tune from Tom@focus-power[thumb]
#2.5" flex and 2 1/2" svt MBRP exhaust
#FR stg. 2 cams & gears
#VF eng. mount bottem, looking for the other 2 later
#steeda STS
#17" enkie J10's with 215/40/17 azenis RT615's for the street
#stock 10 spokes painted with Nitto NT-01's 205/50/15's for racing..maybe going to 225/45/15's on OZ Ultraleggras for weight savings & width 15x7 @ 12#.s each
#battery relocated to hatch
#H&R race springs
#KYB AGX adjustable struts & shocks
#progress 22mm rear sway bar
#ingalls camber plates & eibach rear camber bolts
#custom alignment
Pic.s are from 06/07 , lost most pics when my computer crashed a week ago, but found a few.....
lookin emty.
new mani.
test fitting the IC.. it'll get painted b4 it goes back in. No pics of IC piping yet!
Now some fun pic.s
one of my wife Twerpie1 with the beast!!
Gotta love piloti driving shoes mmmmmmmmmm

just when you thought i was done here's some cool
Thanks for looking everyone!! & good luck to all my fellow focus racers!!! [race]

SYZ 02-20-2008 09:15 PM

I am nominating turbo joe... his wagon is all business...

YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

besthaticouldo 02-21-2008 10:49 AM

holy crap...soo many to chose from.

c03morrison 02-21-2008 10:56 AM

as much as i wanna go with turbo joe i have to go with zx505focus because he reps the lt tundra matallic green

SYZ 02-21-2008 05:51 PM

^^ you can nominate more than one person

Chick 02-22-2008 12:41 AM

Wow can't believe this hasn't gotten that many replies. We have lots of track driven Foci on here. Get to nominating people[;)]

My nominations are:


If you can't think of any nominations our Racing section is good to find some of our members to choose from.

kenzx3 02-22-2008 12:52 AM

My nominations are:
- Kfokus
- WeeAsp
- Schroeder02

slocussvt 02-22-2008 01:47 AM

Another nomination for Turbo Joe.

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