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Chick 04-11-2007 12:48 AM

Congratulations FAST_FOCUS-April ROTM
With 70 of 268 votes, FAST_FOCUS is our April ROTM!


Honorsystem 04-11-2007 12:55 AM

Sedan represent!

loudfocus01 04-11-2007 12:56 AM

Congrats Jacob! I'm glad you won. I was pulling for you! Now you can stop posting soooo many

edmhatch 04-11-2007 12:59 AM

^^^^ ahahah lot of pics on here indeed. I thought ROTM was for fixed up cars (thousands of dollars into it). dang im entering in mine next month :)

structureguy 04-11-2007 01:06 AM

congrats sir. everyone loves my focus but you still beat me, i guess picture whoring getse you somewhere. hahaha


Focus ZX5 04-11-2007 01:18 AM

Congrats [cheers] , even if it were by 4 lonely votes [shhh]

Slo_Focus 04-11-2007 01:20 AM

yea I was lucky... thanks all for ur support

focus_guy_03 04-11-2007 01:53 AM

Congrats! Your car is one of the best looking sedans I've seen on here [thumb].


sstfocus 04-11-2007 04:48 AM

Congrats On The Win!!
Hopefully I Will Join Ya Sooooon?

qbert442 04-11-2007 05:13 AM

Congrats Jacob! It was a close win indeed. Great work on your car Bro [thumb]

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