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ZtsFocus 03-19-2006 09:37 PM

Prob going to get hated on......but

Have had these for awhile just never posted...

lanting90 03-19-2006 09:46 PM

hated on????? u must be kidding...that setup is hottt!!!...
where did u get that backseat delete kitfrom??

FocusManTroy 03-19-2006 09:54 PM

Why would we hate on that, it is HOTTTT!!!!

Although it is a hatch .......

youngkal 03-19-2006 09:58 PM

that car is sick....

FuryFocus 03-19-2006 09:58 PM

Luvin it man, whered u get the kit?

LastRites 03-19-2006 09:59 PM

All I can do man is drool over those pics! What a great looking set-up you have going on. I might not be hating on you but I am damned jealous! [thumb]

focuson03 03-19-2006 10:00 PM

yeah, looks really nice. what kind of numbers you putting down??

ZtsFocus 03-19-2006 10:03 PM

haha thanks guys. i got it from as for numbers havent got it to the dyno yet just finished it this morning. hopefully this week sometime

BlackNRed01 03-19-2006 10:03 PM

i like it a lot....the back seat delete is hot

Klondike 03-19-2006 10:09 PM

dang lucky just hatin cuz im jealous

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