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Energyblue98 02-18-2013 07:53 PM

Turbo 1998 Ford escort zx2
Well, it's not a focus. It's and old school focus. 1998 Ford Escort ZX2. 2.0l zetec dohc. I'm going to start from 9 years ago when I bought it. and lead up to now where i'm turboed with 247wtq. I'm not sure what this forum's rules are on thread length, but i know most forums dont like double posting so I'm going to try to fit this all in one thread.. [popcorn]

Bought it back in 2006 with 60k miles on it.

First thing to install was the intake obviously. I got the intake at around 2008 from a friend who was upgrading his intake. He introduced me into the world of what zx2's can really do

First transmission blew going about 80mph, differential blew out of the casing and melted shards of metal on the axels so i had to replace those... :/ This was my first experience actually WORKING on a car...

Then i bought my first set of rims, late 2008

and then i was introduced into car audio... and so it begun.
I got a headunit on craigslist, brand new at the time for $45 :) but i was too cheap for the faceplate. so i made due ;)

and then i went for a sub, and i couldn't pick the quite amp that i wanted so i kept buying them until i did... 4 amps later there i am..

New Alpine Type R 12" sub with a ported box :) gotta love christmas
Picture below is of alpine type R on the left, previous walmart 12" on the right
(don't worry that's not where i put the sub, i was secured in the trunk.

Then i could afford a faceplate!

And then i cleaned the car up.. (ew back when it was automatic.) it's funny when i look back at this picture almost nothing in it is the same.

There are a lot more pictures to upload i just dont have the time right now, but i will be adding pictures throughout the week as i ge time to do so.

an then i entered the world of autox and so begun with a 21mm rear sway bar.

and stripping out the interior

and a little intake tune up before the race

Energyblue98 02-18-2013 07:55 PM

and then i got a parts car to begin with my MTX swap

good ol' ported throttle body

Then i found a good deal on a buddy club front and combat side body kit, my teenage impulses couldn't turn down. This was in about summer 2009. i never fully got it on because it didn't fit right, of course. I had plans on painting it after i molded it but i decided that i didn't like the rice after a couple days.

and then i found a nice little crack in my bald tires (that i should've changed months ago!)

so to add to the rice i put the stock wheels on the rear.. with the nice discolored body kit

Transmission number 2 broke in the autozone parking lot. so it was time to drive the parts car until the next summer where I had time.

On to moving the body kit over...

just a little bondo to fix up the side and i'm off to work delivering pizza.. (i know it's way too much bondo.. I was young and dumb, but i had fun :P)

off to the ohio meet in my cars car. and about 200 miles in, the rear tire blows out..

after that little "experience" i decided to invest in some tires..

Energyblue98 02-18-2013 07:57 PM

On to the MTX swap :)

this is the garage i had to work with, so i spend all day cleaning it out to bring the parts car in. i had to tow the blue one in.
yes, i still have the coke machine :)
cleaning the floors..
the tire collection keeps growing...
had to get 4 6 ton jack stands to lift the car enough to pull the trans from underneath.
and my small collection of tools
had a real fun time trying to get the axle bolt off.. 5ft breaker bar and all it did was turn the wheel with the weight of the whole car on that one wheel...
next attempt was trying to cut it off...
I finally gave in and bought some nice air tools! (5hp engine, with a 625ft/lbs impact gun) Got the bolt off first try. and a couple hours later, the transmission was out!
and now for the painstaking process of the MTX swap..
new painted trans (that ended up blowing 6 months pics of my last trans swap..)
New stage 2 clutch!! :))
trans front and rear mount inserts
and i welcome the new year (2010) with pulling my new manual zx2 out of the garage!

Energyblue98 02-18-2013 07:58 PM

as i'm looking through my pictures, i realized.. i really dont have may pictures from between 2009-2011. which is when most of the work was done...

here's a list of where i'm at now, i'll see if i can find any more pictures..

Engine Modification
MTX swap
F1 Racing stage 2 clutch
3” Cold air Intake
Knock Mod
Big 3 upgrade
MAC Underdrive Pulley
Massive wires
AC delete
Reservoir’s hidden
Escort Sedan Transmission
TWM short shifter with SR nob and boot

Handling Modification
Corksport strut bar
21mm Rear sway bar
Energy suspension motor mount transmission inserts
Energy suspension front and rear sway bar endlinks
17” ICW spade racing rims
New Nexon n5000 tires
Front Camber Bolts
Cut springs :/

Sound Modification
12” Alpine Type R Subwoofer
Q-logic ported box
5.25 Dual door speakers
5x8 Alpine Type-R rear deck speakers with baffles
700w true rms Alpine class D monoblock
A-X305S Deck

Interior Modification
Blue speedometer Gauge
Voltmeter, Vaccum/Boost, Oil Pressure LED gauge
Charcoal interior
smoked tail lights
35% window tint all around

and i just got a wings west lip kit but i've got to paint it first :)

Energyblue98 02-18-2013 08:00 PM

this is after I lowered it the "economic way" I had cut the springs... another dumb mistake of mine but I was young and dumb and having fun..

cutting springs works if you get it aligned right. I got some camber bolts for the front and it went perfect. fixed my gas mileage about 5mpg too! I drove without it aligned and it burned right through the inner edge of one of my tires.

an expensive lesson to get your car aligned!!

Then I went and bought a wings west lip kit and painted it myself. Didn't turn out too bad for my first time using HVLP..

took the hood of to paint rubberized undercoating on the inside to quiet down the sound :) couldn't resist and i had to take a picture of it...

Energyblue98 02-18-2013 08:03 PM

I then decided to make an impulse drive down to alabama for a good deal on full trubenz exhaust with borla muffler and kamikazi header.

on the way down, had to stop at this little run down antique garage :)

both exhausts off, featuring joshalabama

warp speed = result of kami and trubenz

new kami header, and picked up some radiator brackets.

reciepts from gas....
41.991 gallons
1184 miles

pardon the sqeeky serp belt, i still need to change the idler pulley

I will post more pictures later, this has caught me up to around early 2012. Pictures of my turbo build coming soon!

sleepyboy 02-18-2013 08:17 PM

Nice progression and end result you got. Learning while doing is a valuable experience lol

ZXthrizzle05 02-18-2013 08:31 PM

its kind of how I did my build was learning at the same time lol

JBMCZX3 02-18-2013 08:34 PM

Nice ride sir. I use to follow your progress over on teamzx2 when I had my S/R. Very nice looking ZX2, one of the best IMO.

Energyblue98 02-18-2013 08:35 PM

thanks guys, I like these forums. I might stick around over here too if I have enough time to be on forums all the time :P All that's posted so far is everything before I had a decent paying job. everything that I'm going to post next is after I got a decent paying job. I think you'll notice quite the difference :)

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