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Gabe2010SE 10-05-2012 02:19 PM

New pics of my '13 5.0 Mustang, all clean
Been a couple of weeks since I cleaned the Mustang and today being a nice sunny day I figured it was a great time to bring back its shine.
Also showing off the new smoked rear marker lenses for the first time on a clean car out in the sun [:)]

Other mods shown: flat-black grille pony cover, smoked front marker lenses, tinted/painted third brake light lens, GT500 mufflers with flat-black painted tips, plasti-dipped "5.0" badges and "Ford"-oval stickers inside the side rear windows, in gray, to be tinted over with dark tint once I finally get the windows tinted [:)]

I currently have a Barton shifter bracket waiting to be installed and I just ordered the 55D rear spring kit to bring the rear down about 1/2" so the car will sit more level.
Eventually I may do a bigger drop all around, but this car rides hard enough for me for now, I'd rather not stiffen it up any more ...

Now on to the pics [:)]

mac.mogul 10-05-2012 02:27 PM

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GIGGETY :drool:

LouBomb 10-05-2012 02:44 PM

looking good.. planning on tint?

Gabe2010SE 10-05-2012 02:54 PM

Thanks guys.

Yeah, tint will come, eventually.

I'm currently unemployed so only doing the small stuff ... if that wasn't the case, I'd already have a new $800 aluminum driveshaft and a few other things ... lol

LouBomb 10-05-2012 02:57 PM

any pics of the recaros? they look sweeeet

Gabe2010SE 10-05-2012 03:16 PM


Originally Posted by LouBomb (Post 4389055)
any pics of the recaros? they look sweeeet

Sure, and yes, they ARE sweet ... they weren't part of the original order on the car, but I added them to the order after they were highly recommended by Mustang owners on here and other forums, and I'm SUPER happy that I got them.
They are a little hard to get into and out of, especially because I'm a little bigger than your average bear, but once in there, I love them.

pitchblack02svt 10-05-2012 03:17 PM

Jealous! Very nice ride

mac.mogul 10-05-2012 03:24 PM

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The Mustang Recaros are some of the BEST seats around. I know a guy with a Boss 302 and he bought a second set of the seats to be converted into desk chairs in his house. Ridiculous, but so awesome.

Gabe2010SE 10-05-2012 03:54 PM

Isn't there a company that sells luxurious office chairs that look like some car seats ?

I know I saw a while ago an office chair that looked like a Corvette leather seat ... lol

mac.mogul 10-05-2012 04:01 PM

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Corbeau sells chair kits with mounting brackets to fit various styles of seats. That's what my friend used.

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