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WUGcatsvt 08-30-2010 01:15 PM

ROTM nomination pics

I really need to wash her up and take some new pics but Ill post these of for a good reference for ROTM.

Most Recent picture of my car- Car hadnt been washed in 2 weeks due to rain:
^^So far this is the only current pic I have of the car. only difference is MACHs installed.

Here is my car in Autox mod.
Chalk board hood to keep me out of Street mod and Team Dynamics pro race wheels with Star specs 215/40/17s

Car with different shoes... Just shipped these off today =/ Borbet type ts

Having fun in a parking garage before the camera battery went dead. I had the TD wheels installed on this one.
Euroish mode
My Girl Friends Autox number... Thanks for the Mags Josh
Old look:
Chillin with Friends:

Alright autox Pics
^^These are my old wheels. Stock 16'' focus wheels with Re-01Rs

My Beautiful GF, soon to be wife after I graduate from College:

Alright Mod list.... And Im probably missing some because this car has changed so much and I have had it for 5 years.

Sound system:
-Pioneer DH..... something something headunit
-Stock speakers cause they sound amazing
-8'' MOMO Poke audio sub replaced the stock audiophile 8''

-Ford Rallying EAP in black with 215/45/17 Nitto Neogens
-Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 in matte black wrapped in 215/40/17 Dunlap star specs
-Stock 16'' wheels in gold with RE-01Rs for tearing the crap out of at autox schools
-Borbet type ts just sold and shipped

Interior mods:
-autometer volt gauge
-Corbeau Red 4 point harnesses for autox (drivers and passengers side)
-a beautiful GF in the passengers seat

Tranny Mods:
-FR short throw shifter
-Clutch master stage one clutch
-Clutch master light weight Flywheel

Motor Mods:
-Mike@hillbish huge intake system from a Powerstroke diesel intake w/ K&N filter
-Toms Tune
-Off road pipe
-2.5'' borla Trubenz exhaust
-cooper core plugs with CFM wires
-65mm Focus Central Throttle Body
-Probably something else but cant think about it right now

Suspension Mods:
-Eibach sportlines (looking for something with better spring rate)
-Koni yellow sport adjustable shocks and dampers
-Poly Brushings on Sway bars, front and back
-25mm Eibach Rear swaybar
-Rear tranny Poly motor mount (That kinda doesnt make sense)
-Hawk HP brake Pads n the front with Cemetric rotors and Hawk HPS pads on the rear

Exterior mods:
-MACHs painted black with 6000K bulb for better visuals
-CF VIS evo hood painted to match on each side
- I <3 (corner warning sign) decal on rear (thanks Josh again) [headbang]
-Autox damage from being to low (fender bent in) (track damage FTW)
-European Grill
-European roof rack painted black with Fairing and Bike application (if I choose to put it on)
-Yellow Fogs with Yellow HIDs
-Edge rear wiper blade

I probably missed a lot. I have done so much work to this car. Ive replaced the motor and Transmission in this car. I can never see getting rid of it because its been suck a huge part of my life.
Thanks for lookin

WUGcatsvt 08-30-2010 01:18 PM

BTW... Im trying to get rid of the mach-a-likes... Im giving them away if you want them. (no shipping). They need to be resealed. They look good on the car but are a little torn up in the back.

jmiller_1974 08-30-2010 01:27 PM

Always good to see Your "US ST170"

PlasticRacer 08-30-2010 01:31 PM

When did you pick up this whip?!?!? and what happened to the Dtec?

WUGcatsvt 08-30-2010 01:34 PM

^^Never had a Dtec ;) You may be thinking of Evan or John. Ive had this car for 5 years

I love my Euro plate but I dont really think it looks all that good on the car =/

PlasticRacer 08-30-2010 01:58 PM

lolz oh ok, my bad. Yeah i was definately thinkin Evan. Great pics btw, love the hood[thumb].

Do you have any pics of the lights?

kirkus8 08-30-2010 03:15 PM

prolly one of the nicest zx3's ive ever seen!!

Chick 08-30-2010 03:23 PM

I'm absolutely in love with your car. It's come a long way from when you first posted pics of it.

BTW, I edited your title[thumb]

FuhFuh Focus 08-30-2010 03:45 PM

Wow. Really nice, I think everything looks good. [thumb]

WUGcatsvt 08-30-2010 03:56 PM

Thanks for the correction Ashley.
Thanks for the comments everyone. My car really has come a long long why.

When I first got it in 04
When I first joined up on

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