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neojen 08-10-2004 01:39 PM

The Official CD Silver Thread
red, black, and liquid grey.. so I had to go and make CD Silver.. haha...

CKA 08-10-2004 01:40 PM

Oh man, this area is getting really hott with all this competition, I have no preference, I love all colors, I'm not racist , LOL or in any gang, LOL. Sorry.

Eudora 08-10-2004 01:48 PM

Turtle 08-10-2004 01:59 PM

CD silver, representin' ! Word to your mother!

Revolution 08-11-2004 06:48 AM

Here's my silver Foci!!
(European Style)

And here's a pic of my mom's car (also silver, but no foci)

gad97 08-11-2004 07:44 AM

All nice. Very nice Euro CD Silver focus. I'd post mine but haven't installed the Wings West kit yet...

railman 08-11-2004 08:46 AM

here is mine........[thumb]

l8r, John[8D]

S2 08-11-2004 08:49 AM

Sweet looking cars..... silver (grey) is one of the 'classiest' colors to get.... nice pics! [thumb]

mySVT 08-11-2004 09:10 AM

Here are both of mine, old and new.

hoyter24 08-11-2004 11:15 AM

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