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zetec03 12-27-2003 12:57 PM

reset ecu
how do feset my ecu? i have heard of a few ways from friends just wondering which way i should do it. thanks guys

DJDeeJay 12-27-2003 01:27 PM

I BELIEVE that you disconnect the battery for about 5 minutes, hook it back up, than let the start the car and let it idle for about 5 minutes. Pretty sure this is it, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong[8]

zetec03 12-27-2003 02:53 PM

thanks that is pretty close to heard

DJDeeJay 12-27-2003 03:58 PM

I did this when I first heard about it, it seemed to very slightly clean up my idle. I may have just imagined it though.
I did it again after I had installed my short ram intake, just to make sure that it woudl recognize the difference.

zetec03 12-28-2003 05:54 PM

yeah i did it last night when i installed my headers and it seems to idle alot better still rough at times but alot better

Spanky6935 12-28-2003 08:45 PM

It is always recommended that you reset you ECM after adding a mod do that ECM can imediately take advantage of the modification.

The ECM has a learn procedure which basiclly takes notes of your specific driving style, environment, among may other things.

One thing to note is that after reseting the ECM the ECM will be in relearn mode and may run better or worse for a few days. don't mistake this with a problem with your mod's.

2ndfocus 12-29-2003 06:59 PM

What the hell is an ECM and ECU? Please excuse my ignorance, I am here to learn from all the educated ones.

Spanky6935 12-29-2003 07:19 PM

its just like "you say tomato, I say tomato"

ECM= Engine Control Module
ECU= Engine Control Unit
PCM= Powertrain Control Module

Are almost always used interchangeably.

oracleguy 12-29-2003 09:18 PM

Yeah it is basically the computer that manages the engine.

whiteboyslo 12-29-2003 11:48 PM

i've heard that you should wait closer to 20-30 minutes. i always disconnect it and hit the brake pedal a couple of times to speed things up. you're basically just waiting for whatever reserve capacity is in the system to die out so that the ECU will completely reset itself.


PS- watch out for that damn alarm! sometimes it likes to go off when you hook it back up. i've found leaving the alarm in valet mode eliminates that, though.

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