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tcorbs 05-02-2013 01:36 PM

tuning 2001 boosted zx3
hey my names tom i'm new here i just bought my focus off my budy ryan who used to be on this forum i work with him and he abandoned the project and i took it over and finished it, then after a few weeks i blew the head gasket out from it running too lean, so i'm finishing the head gasket this weekend as long as my timing tool comes in, then i need to bring it to a dyno i live in new hampshire, also would like to add launch control to the tune, is that possible? i have an sct flash tuner the one that holds 3 tunes, i'm new to this tuning stuff and is there anything i should ask for when i go to the dyno? looking to be able to drive this thing a bit on the road although i do have an f350 for a daily driver

Richard Bridgette 05-02-2013 04:26 PM

Tuning boosted zx3
The guy to talk to is Tom Lesperance of Focus Power at 704-249-3745. He is an expert on using SCT to tune boosted Focus. Richard Bridgette, Huntersville, NC.

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