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fozziebear 03-11-2013 08:35 AM

Tunes and OBD2 emission testing
Have been looking and can't find an answer.I have to go for emission testing every two years in the Cleveland area.OBD2 they plug in and check readiness from the ecm.If i have a non factory tune will I need to go back to factory or will an aftermarket tune pass OBD2 testing?I am thinking of getting an Excal to take care of some mods i would like to do.

fozziebear 03-15-2013 09:51 PM

anybody ever try emission testing with a tune?

sleepyboy 03-15-2013 10:03 PM

I have a tune and I have been passing with it no problems. Now that's not to say you would, some do and some don't. The only thing you could do is to try it, if you fail then flash the stock tune back on and give it another shot. Just make sure that if you get rid of the EGR or something else emissions related that you have that on hand in case you need to put it back on the car. I left my EGR on for a while till I knew for sure I could just pull it off and still pass. It's been a few years now with no problems. Before the tune I would use a MIL eliminator on my long tube header since I had no cat and I always passed that way as well.

fozziebear 03-15-2013 10:35 PM

I'm looking at a custom cai,cat back and maybe header and want to take full advantage of the mods.It looks like there is room for a smaller universal cat to be put right after the header and extend the o2 sensor wiring for cat monitoring.Not doing any deletes.2.25 inch exhaust with two larger mufflers and wrap the header in a double layer should keep the noise down.It's wife's car too so have to keep the noise mild.

felixthecat 03-15-2013 10:39 PM

If the engine is in good running condition & the emmisions testing place, just checks for codes via the obd2 connector, then you'd have no issues. If they check for equipment & you don't have it then no passy. I have a Fwerks header/cams & a tune w/ the rear o2 senser & egr turned off & pass.

sleepyboy 03-15-2013 10:39 PM

Everything should work fine with what your thinking of doing. The tune would just complete the package.

1turbofocus 03-16-2013 12:14 AM

If you turn off the rear o2 or EGR then it would show a readiness not complete code , keep the rear o2 and EGR working then your good


sleepyboy 03-16-2013 12:29 AM

Mine is disabled and I still pass. You told me once Tom in a thread that not everyone will pass that way, which I'm sure your right. It's like the luck of the draw and I got lucky.

1turbofocus 03-16-2013 11:27 AM

Some can pass with them off but to be safe on my part I say it can happen and fail then if the customer gets lucky he is happy


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